Be proud of your world

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normal people are the best people

and the absolutely best people are normal parents

its the ultimate challenge

to care about someone other than yourself

and if you wake up some day

hung over, itching for a hit, wanting some pussy

and then you reailse

youve ruined your son

and hes just a bad copy of you

how can you go on living then?

maybe your wife leaves you

maybe you lose your job

maybe your friends get tired of you

how can be content with your life?

what are you supposed to do?

be proud of yourself

even if its just something at your core

or something youve attributed to the world

you need to find that spark

that light

inside of you

this is called mind crystalization process

but it goes for every chakra, not just the third eye / crown

and everyone develops their abiltities differently

oen athlete is different from another athlete

one artist is different from another

one chef is different from another

one parent is different from another parent

just be proud of yourself

be proud of the world you live in

because its a creation of your mind

you are god and god are you

you can never truly know anyone

not even yourself

and if you do

you turn bitter

dont turn bitter

believe in the light

believe in truth

because you can always find more truths

dont think you have figured it all out

that you can be however lucky you want

that you get how many much money you want

that you can get however many likes you want

that you can get however much punani you want

because one day

you will meet someone

or something will happen

which will turn your world upside down

sometimes for better

soemtimes for worse

but just.....

be ready

for whatever

practice playing chess

seeing moves ahead of time

knowing your opponent

play against a split personality of yourself

because then you will know other people

but people are people you can never truly

know all the thoughts and experience they have got

they might seem to like you or not

but thats not your mission

your mission is to understand

and make something greater than yourself

this can be art

this can a dance

this can be a building

this can be a corporation

or you just turn to a good parent

but you need to be proud

of what you have formed out of

the building blocks you were given