Bella is memory

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if happiness is only
things you remember
then i remember bella
our love
it was the most happiness ever
id wake out of bed each morning
and think "im so happy!"
and im happy
with bellas love
in my heart
you are my heart
i will never forget you
i said wed be together
after the world respawns
into an infinite black hole
and i love you so much bella
dont give up on me
i am crying as i am writing this
crying to me
is being alive
and you brought me back to life
so i bring you to life
in my poems
you deserve it
you deserve the best
i hope you got some
of that with me
those 3½ weeks
and that 2½ day engagement
not perfect but what is
jag älskar dig bella! <3

av Tomas Dufvesson (ris och ros)

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