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i made a turkish chick pregnant.

but because of telegony,

it also means her main man

added part of the genes.

this is one of the few songs

i have ever heard which

brings forth emotions.

the one that introduced it to me

is a renowned dancer / singer.

the song has a completely different beat

than what we are used to in the west.

i get almost none of the lyrics.

but it still speak to me. my heart.

because the heart is wiser than the mind.

it knows things before the mind will.

i cry because im happy

because i was so down in it

desensitized beyond belief

you have to understand

something about guys

if they are unhappy

they just build up

like a battery

like a bomb

and eventually

they explode

the problem is

passive aggressiveness

women are immaculate

in eliciting any response

they want from a male

this is not spoken a lot of still

but it needs to be said

guys can also be sad

theyre just sad in a different ways

than most women

you can see it in their eyes

if you dare looking

their vision just darkens

and darkens and darkens

until all they see is darkness

for me, i found someone

or someone found me

she is called bella by her friends

because shes so beautiful

inside and out

what i didnt get is that its common

to call someone you love bella

in swedish it would be the equilant

of calling someone "skön"

before it meant just like bella


it was a great compliment

and you did not just use it for anyone

it meant something special

in todays fast times

we have forgotten

the roots of words

and how we use them

and why

bachata means "bitterness"

but it of course means more

i dont know the indigenous

language they speak

in the dominican republic

nor do i know more than

a few words in spanish

but i can relate to this song

so give it a listen

maybe you can get something

out of it as well

spanish is a pervasive language

i know only swedish and english

i can be understood but not really

i speak the sunlanguage

the sonlanguage

the lonely son language

i can relate to cats and

dogs and horses now

its easy

just talk to them like you would to any human

eventually you will get a voice in your head

thats the cats or dogs or horses words

they speak just like us

and know all languages

like when you are born

and not conditioned

into a stereotype

just be yourself

its not that difficult

just be yourself

everyone else



av Tomas Emma Johansson (ris och ros)

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