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so. hi. goodmorning! ^_^ it is 5:55 and its foggy on the windows and the sun is shining at em and its pretty! there are some birds twittering and that.

anyway. i was reminded of something a long time ago. lesse. its now 2022. this was 2005 i think? jesus. 17 years ago? is that a long time ago? lol ^_^

i cannot really relate to time. nor place. when i woke up today i was not sure where i was. i mean, my eyes were closed, and the few places ive lived at.. i did not know which place i woke up at.

as usual i am not very clever.

back then i was at a site which had a green design. i dunno which came first, but ill start with mine. i downloaded some stock photo of an eye, then i photoshopped it. then when i posted it, i got a comment by mr felix, who thought it was my ninny.

which is strange since im a guy, but, hey.. mr felix was embarassing, but he was like me. he was a real friend. he did not really like women although he only had female friends. and he was an amazing artist.

from a post-apocalyptic world. i have not seen him around since, and i still miss him. i made a photobook dedicated to him and a song off of an ep. again, konst är längtan =*(

anyway, as i mentioned, im not sure which came first.

but then all of a sudden, 2 women in close succession wanted me to buy a dress for them. i am dumb so i did not do that, and im controlled too so i obviously cant get anything going.

the dress looked like the photoshop. not sure but i think it was black or not, and it had a huge vertical slit in the middle.

you can say whatever you want about that, but i see a lot of paralells to now, uhm.. 17 years later ^_^ gawd im dumb =(

oh and i messed up trying to say something un-stupid to mr darkhalo =\ seriously i tried writing to him for like weeks =*( i said he should add rock lyrics to each song. wtf? =\ hes already got a metal band so. im an idiot =*(

oh and i sort of doubt there are different starsigns. if someone is more clairevoyant than you they have just gotten more drunk and high. thats the only reason.

oh. im normal again? wonderful =( and sofia is gone? even more wonderful. wtf am i gonna do now? =\