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hi ri. you remind me of miss mom. and i remind you of jeff. just how it works. miss mom concentrated on me. you concentrate on chris. whatever happens happens since the end will always be the same. fulfill your destiny. enjoy the ride. etc. i thought everyone knew everything about me. then someone said that i made her "feel so evil". so i dunno. maybe that was a lie as well. use your illusion. ego illusion dream reality. but its not like that. the lower frequency the further it travels and the longer time it takes to get there. light travels fast but lower frequencies travel lower speeds. space and time. if you sin enough time stops then if its worse it goes backwards. since its not supposed to be able to go lower than lightspeed it gets real painful. but since lower than lightspeed means you go slower than time things get changed. do not do the same mistakes again. but that requires good memory and discipline. i dont know if you will have that. you get a second chance. you start from zero. you do not get a third chance. you start from the same day. until you figure out how to behave. to say it once again, it is not possible to sell out. when the earth gets obliterated some people have invested in bitcoin and can fly to mars. one of you will be able to do that.