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so. i think i know what hell is like. i mean. i dont understand anything. but. hey. there will be a ninja black panther who fucks me up who im in some way am supposed to beat. then a dealer who i have reported twice who i ask for stimulants but he obviously wont help me. again, i dont know anything, so it is just a theory. and its just one door maybe. anyway. im going away soon. will be great. do note again. i talk like that office space boss? great. mhhh. mpph. wow. überdumb. if i am something im not somewhere else? great for none-me. anyway. i got a lot of darkness. so to speak. people on my level have petabyte flow and i have 0 to some dozen bytes per second. wow. me so smart. the internet works again. but its not good. since i have readily access to my karma continuance upscaling. again i dont see the point of getting your fortune told. you can live in denial forever but thats a long time. i could say im special but im not. and if i am? great for me. as for me being a fraud? well. monotheism is that. or not. im hare krishna? ok. great beyond great. i got what i wanted. and i dunno if anything changed. or if i changed. i cant listen to my music i cant listen to others music. and. awesome. anyway. i understand why some people cant be un-abstract about numbers. its a sin but a lot is. you can live true to the bible but it sure takes a lot. discipline? jesus christ. so the conspiracy site is good. but i get 0-1 views like in them old days. wowzah. oh. not allowed to mention numbers. who am i supposed to. anything. there are brotherhoods. i cant say mine is the oldest or greatest or most prolific. but. hey. its raining. but thats only in my world. like they say, its like i live on another. planet? venus? lol. that sure went well. sotz jazz visa hipster. wow. you can talk about yourself but others are supposed to do that. (and that is working out great great great). i didnt get any discipline but thats the sign of the times. so its not "my" fault. which it obviously is. 6668. oh my! beautiful number! it feels like i made this song before. originality. right back atcha. you cant just ask god any question. because you dont know if its the right or left one. they have different opinions. you should sort out. but sometimes the left is right sometimes the right. i cant say i know anything. and i am really lefthanded. if you have something youre supposed to hide it. but its still there. so you get 2 sides. i could say it would be better to be an otaku but i dunno. i seemingly am that anyway. fulfill fate hurry hurry hurry. dad said it rained an entire summer? wonderful. all of this has gotten me closer to. not funny. anyway. i got a second chance. i dont know if anything would have gotten better then though. i see all these signs but hey i cant read them since as mentioned my input output flow is in the double digits not more. insert bragging. lonely not lonely etc. 3.14159. its all right there. omnitard. should get that smashing (!!!!) tatu. yeah. sure. did i write this before? even better. !!!!!!!!. sourcecode. binary? oh my! save the world! get the girl! didnt really work out that way. förresten tror du att mario super? lololol. han är väl inte en alkis eller nåt? sad smiley. good morning. (?). i could post this.. anywhere. but if it doesnt get deleted it gets worse. WOW. MEDITATE. AWESOME. oh. i could actually log in! praise the lord. !!!!!.