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so. tried to get some humanity. got some oxytocin. but i fucked up. so the place is negative polarity towards me. and no one will ever acknowledge my existance. other places just make it more obvious. but it still happens. anarchy often doesnt work. like when i heard my first music. it was the best. its not because it is the best. if someone something anything seems angry sad you have negative polarity versus them. anyway when i was naive it still worked. because if you work hard enough an angel comes to save you. she might not be the one. but she will lead you to the one. eventually. this is related to the elevated x. the prophet. or legend. cant really tell them apart. i guess there are worse numbers. glad i didnt reach them. i guess the prophet tries to be someone. while legends are themselves. each legend lives in their own world. the prophet lives in what others want of him.