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so. found a. uhm. emoji combo site. it sort of explains everything. show dont tell. fun. so i heard that i sound like i got all my knowledge from wikis. well. got lots of compliments in devart back in the days. i didnt take notice really. until now. its lonely. but. hey. i used the word abscrynge. great for me. i dont know what it means. so. i got the recommendation to have my tv or radio on to sleep better. neither worked for me. then i tried to listen to a movie while sleeping. that started everything. it felt like a nightmare. now i have nightmare 24 7. its better. but. hey. so i researched on the word god. whatever i looked i found it means the lord of destruction. you said ive been mean. but also that youre free from pain and suffering. so that means i judged you. im not quite sure what happens then. 4 day people. dont really know what that means. there is only 1 false prophet and infinite legends. who do you want to be. everyone knows this obviously. he who knows does not say he who says does not know. those who can do those who cannot talk. and im all talk. so the ultimate reality is fractal universe. so that explains why i dont think ive been reborn. have i had ancient dreams. no. maybe. but i guess its because im on newtonian level. im not better than anyone. oh right how many times did i leave you. eight times. maybe. and most give up after the first. so youre special. i seem to switch between serial killer and some vapourwave loser. anyway. i shouldnt talk. at all. i should. uhm. do art. oh wait nobody cares. i tried to go to town. oh my god. bad idea. the ultimate death curse in 3 normal words. but the parasite said so the day before. and it controls me. no way several exclamanation marks. anyway playing an mmorpg these days made me realise how the elites live their lives. they get stuff for free they gain knowledge for free. then when theyre tired of that they go around killing people. jesus christ. no karma doesnt exist. you destroy things. then you control them. then you do so with the entire universe and beyond. then youre the lord of destruction. you control everything. but its just your world. but you control everything. so yeah you can change everything. you gain knowledge. then you aim it at the right target. that easy.