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anyway. the last thing ida said to me is that there are thought thieves. ok. i cant do anything about it. then i cussed her out about failing to ruin my straight edge tatu. because. uh. i hadnt gotten it yet then. anyway. and then she disabled private messaging between us on facebook. which means she blocks telepathy from me. yep yep yep.

she made a pundarhistoria about some loser accidentally getting a swastika tatu. anyway to say it once again. dont treat artists badly. they reply with art. anyway i should make art about that. except im not making art. since i started with neuroleptika again. and im quite quite dead inside. i guess i could exhagerate. but then i get suicidal afterwards. and. uh. id prefer having this laptop for awhile.

oh and if there are people mad at me. i cant do fuck all about it. this site is fucking weird. i stalked this dude in my late teens and early 20s. so im getting it back. i guess. he was like a fatherfigure i realised later. except he didnt want anything to do with me.

anyway. la belle epoque is over. of course i wont forget you bella. you were my longest relationship. with julia. uh. it didnt even last a week. and thats it. so we have la belle epoque and the dark ages. it would be sweet to just read books. to kill a mockingbird. i cried at the end. when people in the village came with treats. thats all i got out of it. really. and when his dad said its not called n-beep its called coloured. and. who cares.