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runescape has no shifted in polarity downwards. when i started an hour ago you did not need to download the game. it is now at 27 percent caching. it is downloading at 3 megabytes per second which is quite a lot on this wifi. as it is only morning this could point to that my wifi isnt used much. people have just woken up and are having sex. as that is what half six means. half seven means no sex. in the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy the answer to the universe is 42. i was given this book. i read some of it and i found it not funny and not clever nor well written. i am different that way. but there are a lot of books there is a lot of fiction you get to choose at some point. in relation to 016 aka .-6 a book is a vortex a book is a mind as that is the first element. i do not get much from books as mentioned how to kill a mockingbird i got an emotional response near the end of the book and that was it. i should go to dynamo though there are many factors that play in for example that i did not clean my clothes thus i have to wait a week or less to get the automatic washing chance again.