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it is said to be 4 degrees celcius in my world where i am right now situated living. that would point to that it could have been minus degrees maybe when i slept as the time is morning breakfast. brought cookies and butter. have done dishes. to combine cookies with butter for cookies are carbonhydrates and they are to be good mix with butter. i got a popup advertisement in the opera browser just. i did not know this was possible. this will annoy me more until i am offline permanently. i did think neuroleptics would help but then i would need stronger and thus be more anxiety suicidal. when such happens i have to realise facts that i got shadowbanned. i could quit now to not make it worse and make things better and return some day and i am not shadowbanned anymore unless i make too many mistakes överdrift but right now i do not know what to do. there are too many demands. but such is shadowbanning or just bannishing. am listening to laglös by ulf lundell. it resounded with me before and does so more now. i could point to that it is said to be on the record kär och galen probably released in the 1980s and thus my sister had heard it maybe before i was born thus this was her plan but my mother came before her and maybe it is that japanese scientist but antarctica is beyond and there are many planets in the universe. i hit rock bottom and i continue failing falling. i could listen to the song many times or i could get speed high drunk and realise it instantly. such is not my fate os it is just how it is. the new record got finished so it is good. cookies and butter tasted better than the parts. too little butter but too much and it is not tasty and dangerous. everything is good in moderation and it is up to you to decide what is moderate. men do not use the word love and my mother has used it once ever towards me. i have seen my father pray once ever. as mentioned this is backed up on mr poetry site so if you are at the right frequency you can still access it even on this site or any site if you have your flow directed towards me input. you could point to everything being a conspiracy theory but conspiracy is merely 2 people who agree on something. but a conspiracy can be created by 1 single person. there is a soul inside of you even if you are only a robot or only 1 thing. i will soon not be able to write a lot and i am to get neuroleptic injection in my hip. i cannot say if it is safer to go to a professional place or get it at the housing. there are pros and cons to both. i thought if my mother did not bother me things would get better but maybe it was not so. i do want to get a mobile phone for i do not like how it works. every medium is different in how the communication works. i cannot really comprehend this though and some are inverse polarity. i do not believe in love anymore as mentioned before and now is where discipline starts. i do not like to collect things but if i have nothing left what would i do. collecting things is good as long as you are stronger than the things and do not flip their polarity to minus polarity.