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the nighttimes for me are calm. it is inherent in my world. i cannot say it is such for anyone else. it is such for everyone else though though it is only so from my perspective. you cannot ask people whatever and get the response you want. it does not work like that in my world. i could say it is inherent in being human. if rocks think differently than humans then how do planets think?

the summer this year was odd. i can only truly say it was summer for one week. it was the day before midsummer. as mentioned midsummer in sweden is a festivity. i cannot talk of other countries they are as they are and i am swedish. i cannot watch video once again. i though do prefer youtube. other place seem cold. void of humanity or emotion. i cannot say others feel this way. youtube is an institution and i do not think i can break it and do not want to do that.

you are from love. even if you are not from love you should do good. what is good you have to look inside your heart to see. i write here and it is good.