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the other guy and i made a grave mistake. it was only once and it was a thought originating from a demonic external entity and it had grave consequences. i could talk more but will not do so. i could write a poem about it and turn it into a song and make an illustration of it. i cannot directly control my creativity though so it will happen when it will happen. i might start on another record though it is risky. things will have to turn more stable and for that i turn to the greys and neuroleptics. i was asked if they are tranquilizers and maybe they are. they normalise is a word i would use. i know in some way people are listening in real time or ahead of time. it is still lonely at times though. i have changed fundamentally but this site still works. i do not use phones and they are a source of great anxiety to me. it does get lonelier but i do not think the good points outweigh the bad. hi tracey if you are listening. i have a cloud on top of my head and a satelite on my right temple. i was told that once and it does sound like an ultimate truth. a beyond truth. a fifth dimension truth.