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neuroleptics are anti-drugs

drugs enhance your supernatural abilities

neuroleptics neutralize higher dimensions to make you be where you were originally

injections are not stable if you move afterwards of getting one you will recieve a large portion of the dose very quickly if you are hyperlaxative

as you increase drugs your neuroleptics will get increased as well

if the drugs are not perfect in purity you will get its side-effects only if its perfect potency it does not matter nothing much will happen

but as i am without any sort of phone (thanks for stealing it you helped me) i do not think many side-effects will be present except the obviously negation of drugs

there are drugs anti-drugs and drugs that are anti-pain

though anti-pains can be said to be a sort of neuroleptic

if you take a lot of alcohol etc you will eventually negative the neuroleptics if they are given by a non grey ie a friend and it will work in opposite polarity ie negate sexual emotions it will work as the drug xtc etc

and only low anxiety you should handle things on your own but there are many demands drugs lower the demands because you are on the rest of societies level that level is sex and drugs and rock and roll there is wellness but start with it before you sin against god too much whoever god it is god is merely a congregations of people or any entity as thought of as human including rocks plants any sort of objects