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if you practice drinking alone you will learn more about loneliness

if you practice drinking with friends you will learn more about people

i will now drink alcohol. i have bought 3 beers.

i remember now how the extremelymost depression was started. i drank beer.

this will happen again though different. alcoholics dont have it easier.

rather the opposite. their reality changes and they have to cope with it.

i will now drink som beer and see what happens. i also get neuroleptics

so it will be a strange concoction. tip: if you have anxiety or migraine

or any other horrible horrible affliction. just throw away your phone.

your landline, rip the connection to shreds. cut connections with anyone

who has a phone. they will try to bribe you into it again. do not be fooled.

this requires loneliness but it is the only true way to write.

expect the unexpected. it is the only thing to expect.

i like this writing style now.

if you are addicted to something stop it directly

be firm in your conviction and the addiction will just stop

and you will have no side effects.

i tried this with a plethora of legal drugs and i was convinced

and it worked directly. i was also off of 3 neuroleptics then.

the mind is your universe. that is all.

feströka eller festdricka eller festknarka etc.

is the best way. though every day can vara en fest

it turns problematic. but if you are with people

you trust it will still turn out better.

everyones fate is different and at a certain point

you will reach sentience and then you have choices.

you have so many choices. rhiannon and kirin. lesse.

gabriella babybel kirin irazsche.

and rhiannon habibi angelino johansson.

you are wise and you will grow up to be whatever you want.

it is your fate but you do get to choose no matter how it seems.

i will now drink my first beer since everything fell apart.

i do not know what will happen only that things will change

and i will get challenges. demons are like that.

they do not want to be known. reach sentience in everything.

the greatest sentience is to not letting anything phaze you.

it can be done through a pure mind thinking. through discipline.

discipline is doing the same thing over and over.

perfection. master is 10000 hours doing something.

grandmaster i do not know and there are many levels above this.

if both your parents trained an art you get 100 000 hours of experience for free.

one of your mothers is good at art the other is good with imagination.

i am good with art and have no emotions or imagination.

so i do not know who you will turn into.

each day is new and for me each moment is new as well.

i stopped with snus and now i bought something expensive.

i will not talk of proper names one should not do so.

if you bring darkness into light things happen.

if you bring light into darkness things also happen.

everything is simple like a nursery rhyme.

or a song your mother starts writing in her head

when she knows the time is right to turn into a mother.

mother and monster are similar in sounding.

one can say monsters are men and women are turning into men.

so women have all priviliges of being women and all of being men.

it is not wrong they get the power they deserve.

one can say there are men and there are w men.

like that old series V.

if you talk ultimate truths you pay the ultimate price.

i will get dazed and confused from the beer OMG JUST TAKE IT!!!!!!!!

i wish i could go back to fountain house but i do not want to test my luck.

i am still there in a quantum physical state so it does not really matter.

just using your mind a lot to make things happen is... i do not know the exact

explanation of it. if inuits have 80 weirds for snow latinos have 80 words for dreams.

saturn where latinos aka kärrpi (karpfiskar) come from is ox and libras guardian planet

venus is the other. venus is dead in my world i gave away all the diamonds to a woman.

i cannot grasp the value of an entire world of diamonds but this did not pay my X̄ debt.

things are strange and if you are confused rhiannon and kirin thats just how it is.

people can call you whatever they want. if you change your behaviour or looks

they will complain about something else. if you turn into them and they pretend to

be your friend they will treat you even worse. this is called the brotherhood.

there is a sisterhood and it is different. there are many sisterhoods and brotherhoods

in the world. you belong to several at your birth and what you do say and think

affects who you belong to. your soul group is the ultimate brotherhood or sisterhood.

församling was the word. yoga means the same thing as does religion. beer up lesse.

post before strange things happen. your guardian angels and spiritual guides are with you.