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Från Svenska Dikter
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Angel Number 14 encourages progressive change, renewal and growth, and tells you to share your knowledge and wisdom with others.

i have met one of your mothers 2 times only. the first was when i was in psychiatric closed care. i was asked to rest in one of 2

mobile beds. one had a black plastic bag resembling a person very thin the other one was empty. i laid on the empty one.

the plastic bag was her. she was clinically dead i suppose but i guess she was still sentient or not.

i had sniffed some acetone outside in the open air it was not much and did not seem to have an affect on my psyche.

i got a rash on the underside on my arms that was the only thing. that tells me i should tan more.

but of course my insides were affected by the acetone as well. the beer has already had an effect.

the music sounds more in dynamic range. it sounds more "real" more transcendent.

if you are with friends when you listen to music loud you will not get any side effects.

of course eventually you will get changed seemingly in an instant.

if you choose media education instead of sports you will have a weaker body

and will not stand alcohol etc as much. it is your choice.

i can say from insight now that. back prepared some things.

i poured the 3 beers in 3 mugs. you can tell truths and you can be dumdristig.

you have an active vocabulary and things you just know but do not use.

i see no point in computergames if you are in dmt reality getting drunk etc

real life turns into a computer game. i tried another snus but no.

i will drink more beer 3x 33cl equals about 1 litre.

that is not much and my road is long to alcohol insight.

and there are many other drugs as well.

i have ruined my throat several times before.

which makes it even more terrible.

though snus is tolerable i have reached its peak

there is no more to gain from it.

though every once in awhile like feströka or just pause

some days every now and then is good.

i thought cacao timeshifted me forwards

but it was neuroleptics.

it is good when you have anxiety

since in opposite polarity time moves slower.

if it moves faster you go to bed to relax somehow

and then you might fall asleep and wake up

and the anxiety is over.

the saying "ångest är inte farligt

det värsta som kan hända är att du svimmar"

svimma in english is faint. a similar word is feint.

to fake. thus you get anxiety when you fake.

when you are not true. when you think you can do

whatever without consequence.

i cannot blame anyone for anything.

like i mentioned i was finally only mad at one person

and the anger subsided and hes is apart of

one of my 2 brotherhoods acquired at birth.

i cannot speak his language nor my mothers language.

hers seem to be the real swedish language.

it sounds like........ fne fnus fno or such.

i cannot grasp it whatsoever.

jämt ståårs means a female from jämtland

that is all i know. but there could be other words

for it i do not know. only native speakers

know the multi dimensional meanings of words.

if you drink with friends and they have a dialect

you will learn that dialect automagically.

i spilled some beer on the desktop and it smelled like

apple. that is just how my sense of scent works

and it is not powerful like a dogs.

so i am more like a cat at least in how i write

or can write. like bella said "you talk like us".

that is sweet beyond comprehension compliment

and i need to keep her with me.

bella och rhiannon och tessan och kirin vi älskar oss <3

the depression i had was related to alcohol.

of course if you have barely taken a stimulant

and drink 1 litre of it great things will happen.

if you do not then drink you will get withdrawal.

one can say it is all bad but it depends.

on the purity and potency of the signal.

it is possible to lie about anything imaginable

perfectly no matter how. voight kamppf isnt 1 millisecond pause

it is a 2 second pause. or maybe 2.56 secs just for fun.

it initalizes you with others if you are at a stand up show

for example. you will have a common dream the one manifested

by the stand up comedian. there is worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds.

i am finally there but the road is long with many hurdles.