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Cannot exactly recall what was what. Some are artist names some are label names. Research takes brainpower and I do not have much of that. I have barely tanned at all if ever some particular time too much. The summer is closing so I will have to wait 1-2-3 seasons. On the aggregator I chose all the streaming services available. Over time it was more services and the price per album escalated. Eventually I was making fractions of a dollar per month and removed all albums. At some places even dead people are still alive and can listen to music. The one link just now is to a streaming service which originated in Nigeria, Africa, it can be said to be center or left part of the continent. I also changed email addresses and passwords often and cannot access it because of that fact. Though sacrifice is true and real. It is easier to destroy than to build up, but if you destroy something you have built up you will still be rewarded it is not all nihilistic. You die when you have done what you should do. Thus genocide can somehow be thought of as something good in some way. Though all races on an interstellar level fight against power as can be seen in the phrase "You are worth more than all the diamonds on venus" and posting the Scum Manifesto (thought of as devoid of copyright though not completely, but was readily available online) during the end of march could have been the 27:th in a facebook group. As the bacon factor is 1:3 it means up to 1/3:rd of the human or others population was affected by that fast action.