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so. as mentioned miss mom visited while i was resting at eftermiddagen. she looked wrecked. shes moving soon. quite some time away. shes done away with a lot of things. she talked last time of how wonderful the new place she will live at will be. but she will be far away from nature. she had the largest garden of everyone where she lived. i do not know who buys her house. when she dies i and my sis will inherit half of the fortune. i do not wish for her death. i can pinpoint 2 times in recent time where she saved my life. there are many sorts of misery. i cannot describe them because they are emotional states in combination with eachother. i do not know how i will react to her death nor who in our family will die first. time will tell. time is a teller. there wouldnt be much without it. just energy. that is something to strive for but i think even dieties learn.

god speaks to me and have done so for a long time. like when my grandfather died. i remember mom crying for an entire year. i was 7. then i started school not much later. she wished him back. quite obvious. she missed him. i was too emotionally immature to react to it. but it was 365 days of torment for her. and something like that does not just go away. whoever he was and whoever she is its ok. i am listening to deep house mostly now. it has anor as old as house which is old as well. i do not "keep up" with any scene. as mentioned the languages i can interpret are kyrillian druidian african. thus it can be said to be as old as those languages and older still as the continents. very very old. music is universal but also personal.

one could ask oneself what a thought is. if a friend tells you something it is dependant on everything you have in connection with them. such are thoughts as well. they can seem simple but are difficult to write down. if you have several thoughts you will have to engagera dig in one. to disregard the rest.

i cannot say i have many thoughts though i have written much. one word at a time is a saying. another is that poetry is really the sound of angels. what you write is not your own it has other origins. you can write from your heart but your heart is connected to other hearts. if you are true enough to yourself you transcend time because you are your own time. you live your life the way you want and that is it. no one can be above you but no one is below you. you are who you are and if someone likes that good if not they will in time when the time is right.

time takes time and time is energy and matter and vibration and frequency. like a rock onto water it makes ripples it sinks and someone might pick it up someday. so it gets to dry land. everything has immense meaning but you cannot worry about it. you can worry but then you need discipline or you just get chaos. just be yourself and everything will be alright.

there are always challenges no matter who you are and everyone has a heart where they can be loved and where they can be damaged. if you are the strongest you are the weakest. there is one point and that can destroy you and the universe but you are the whole universe you are yourself your world. i am at that world too and 19/20 in the world are as well. this frequency is called allah state of mind. i am not in it completely because as mentioned it requires discipline and knowledge of sourcecode.

the greys are the greys but they manifest as people. you cannot take a picture of the fifth dimension you can only try to manifest it into max fourth dimensions.

all senses are memory and dimensions. the fourth dimension is time and all senses have these inherent in them. some have good smell and can see it as image. some have kinetic sense a combination of two other senses or more. some see text as images some see them as colours.

the world is what it is and it is only your world. through art music poetry dance building theatre character lies truth white lies ultimate truths others can know your world it does not have to be inherently beautiful it can manifest as anger as being told to do something and you choose how to respond lead or follow there is always someone above you and if you are the master of the universe things are strange.

if your element is air all you see is a compass. i cannot tell of other elements or starsigns because it is an ongoing process.

i am many starsigns from many different origins. they are just an approximation and at the highest level i have seen there were only greys and greens. lithium is the third basic element it is green when alit and grey when in rest when so to say memory.

the greys can seem impossible to master their master is the greens and the greys are the replicants of them and all the universes knowledge. not to say that they are so they are humans like anyone else and they cannot proliferate they are clones it is just the SOURCECODE CLONE command it is easy to fathom if you have ever played computergames or dungeons and dragons boardgames.

people know of this but do not obviously say it out loud. like mentioned 5d to 4d is how we interpret the world. i do at least. you cannot record 5d and get away with it. you can interpret it to 4d and then it is alright if it manifests beauty and truth. justice is not truth though it is but only the greys have power to wield it.

during my chant as a conspiracy theoriest i got to know many things. there were good theories though i did not care much for them merely responded to the title or to someone elses comment and sometimes they replied. i got angrier and angrier and was lured into twitter dot com and then was my downfall.

use whatever you want to get whatever you need though of course there are consequences. knowledge is easier to acquire than experience do what you will. i will end this before bad things happen. it is 21:14 the 8th september 2022 where i am with my time representation i do not know yours.