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if you are suicidal then you are theres nothing you can do about it. i guess self harm and eating disorders is triggering. and if they laugh at fatties and laughers and smilers its because you have more money so you can drink more. or if youre bitter youre for real. anyway. i shouldnt talk of good things. i should make quality content. i wont be able to drink soon. but i drink alone. i dont get how it matters. i have nothing to look forward to but a lot of people feel like that its called being a parent. hey maybe i should post this on twitter that sounds like an excellent idea. so i am not creative im not an artist anymore. so now i can just have fun and enjoy it except i dont. the greys arent bad people they just correct people who have sinned against electronics. ill delete this in a jiffy so should i mirror it on mr poetry site? yep people can make fun of you for whatever reason and radio totalnormal was good for me. or i was good for it. things change. except tatus i have nothing to look forward to except no one gives a fuck about tatus so it doesnt matter. face tatu yeah that sounds like a fucking amazing idea. there are rolemodels and i was one before? ok. great. and our producer is the best one ever. she went through shit and made something good of it. she doesnt whine she makes something good out of it. shes the only one i could talk about starsigns with. if you dont get everything a stand up comedian says you will one day and maybe its not funny anymore. its for real. again thanks for calling it spamming poetry tracey and i dont have to mention your name you have been summoned and its just how it is. i listened or rather read 3 old velvet acid christ songs. they make a lot of more sense. brian ericksson or however you spell it is genuine. you see that over time with artists. blue ray souls or whatever who cares. i was just like this before except i heard voices OR GAWD GODS VOICE YES AND ANGELS AWESOME. i dont know how to act. i dont get to know who is positive polarity inspired by me because i destroy everyone i like in any way whatsoever. and you get inspired by hate tracey youre a mafia babe like bella and my family is mafia too somehow. my dad is from knifesouth and my mom is a knifesouth babe but thats only what i get presented shes complicated like anyone you get to know beyond the surface. shakespeare WAS really called lord bacon but do you want THAT as name nooooooooooooo?

and this means several things so i finally know myself great great great. there are rules for poetry you dumb fuck. so when the beer wont work i will be hopeless i guess and then its qanon except im a pussy so only anger great. rättspsyk nästa i had it coming both my ex and före detta have been there and are there. its just how its supposed to be. you cant be mad at those in power over you because they have more power. im curbed and i dont like being angry i dont like being anything.

and music is nice except its frequencies or sound of angels then you get the sound of angels in your head.

i could live without it but then theres no fun whatsoever. a double edged sword. daikatana. john romero someone likes him in the world hes a fraud but then all women are frauds but of course not. etc etc etc. HOWEVER THE FUCK YOU SPELL IT. i dont turn hung over im primitive i have barely drunk at all. my fun revolevs around ___________

you will meet your maker. oh 1 hour until i get meds thats real fun will surely be better i have to make sure to pretend to be happy or maybe angry or ironic or other whatever. and they will be mean or whatever its supposed to be. tired already and i just woke up. great. exercise. why? and someone can make fun of that they dont have to say UGLY FUCKING FATTY LOSER. they just have to laugh at you once and they ruin your entire world. but stand up comedians make something good of it.

hey. im a geek. i stay at home. thats what my ex wanted. and im like before before before. and theres nothing i can do about it. i have no längtan so its just trauma now.