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Do note that the world that is presented to you can be full of lies anger and mocking.

So my world is presented however you want to.

Beyond calm is transcendence.

I cannot say that state will make anything else better.

Hinduism seems to quite plainly present the ultimate truth.

What the truth is to you only you can decide.

Your senses are what they are and your artform you will get to know eventually.

Just as fighting is martial arts thus all is art.

There is saved more on this site than you might know.

Zero point energy was not allowed in my reality because I am to burn in hell for my deeds.

There are truth and lies and ultimate truths which can be the same and opposite as another truth.

I am now debating how i should present this but there are plenty of external entities which watch me.

One of these can be called a black man a man in black or he just had a lot of trauma early on.

I can recall one of the first music album records I bought.

Looking back i can see how things work out now.

I learn things quickly. I tell one truth then i get another truth in place.

At the same time you need to have all variations available to you.

People are not really liars if they lie it is because you have lied at some point.

And at some point you have sentience.

My fatigue is catching up on me once again.

It was worse before and it gets better.

If you are only in 2 states no matter how horrible it is.

Do know with several states you will need to figure out how to cope with them.

Everyone has their own struggle.

It does not matter if this gets posted online.

It is just the way of outputting and thus inputting information which works for me.

Nor if it is removed by me or edited by the others.

I broke the signal.

To quote what is said to be tibetan knowledge portrayed in the film adaption Fight Club so-called derived from the book Joy Luck Club.

Kill your parents kill your god kill your master.

Without laughter there would be no tao.

I cannot say that is true but everyone strives towards some ideal.

The tao that can be named is not the eternal tao.

There are many ways to write but i know only of english and swedish.

My world seems portrayed on the furthest level i have reached as cats and dogs.

In another world it is octopusses and elephants.

As the universe is old there are obviously other beings.

The level beyond this was the greys and the greens.

If you have heard of qanon you know what i am talking about.

For example greys as is portrayed in popular culture have

1 no genders

2 look humanoid

3 large eyes

Thus they can be said to be the illuminati. One could think illuminati is related to "illuminate".

(I have no recollection of speaking this word before so i cannot tell how it is spelled and will not remove my signal to find its correct representation)

That is "to bring light on". It can also means "il-luminati". that is, "bad light".

If someone is more powerful than you then they can exert that power.

If they are invisible they will work in invisible ways.

That is, in thoughts emotions energies superpowers superweaknesses.

I am told to be INTP with NI dominance.

One can read into that whatever they want.

The outside world is not for me and has been so in this existance.

Furthermore buddhism presents an even more ultimate truth.

The power of means you plus^2.

That is 3+3=6. 3^3=27.

I cannot recall the amount of zeroes.

So i could say for example 10^400 000 000 infinities.

That means to reach nirvana takes a long time.

This can be presented in ancient language as aeterno in aeternum.

It can be more easily be used as a joke though i have not done so.

Music makes people happy. Discordance does not.

If you look for the truth and you are unhappy.

Then no matter where you look you will not find it.

You will find truth about your unhappiness.

That is all.

As my frequency is changing both within and without.

I could say i have wasted 90% of my life although 95% maybe 99% even.

Another time someone elses time they could spend time on essentials.

One could say before the stone age was the golden age.

That is, they mined gold instead of rocks.

If gold is on the surface or the seas where of gold it would be easy.

you can neither look for joy in others nor appretiation nor togetherness.

if you are schizophrenic and you do not tell so you are alright.

i do not have a hidden friend which only i see.

i could point to that people have done me wrong but i have forgiven all.

not in my heart and i do not know how to do that.

beyond that is muscle memory forgiveness.

if someone molests you while you are in deep sleep but not dreaming.

what are you supposed to do about it.

you cannot prove it so it does not matter.

the world of sex and drugs and rock and roll is tempting.

it was not for me it was just in minus polarity.

i do not think joy is the meaning of life so the tao is flawed.

or however the tao was presented to me.

one can say the meaning of life is calmness.

but eventually you will have a thought.

the so called shuddha prajnyana just spoke to me telepathically.

she can easily be pissed off and do know that anyone can present themselves

in any way shape or form or word or number or symbol.

our world is made up of symbols.

at one point in a recent misery i wanted to make the universe rebirth.

just like that. it obviously did not work.

but if birth of my 2 children is important then the universe has rebirthed.

as thought of earlier i=(mom+dad)/2. it can just as well as also mentioned.

be i=(mom+dad)/2 or i=(mom+dad)^2 and other operands.

i am tired now this usually means i eat or rest.

music can help but it hurts your ears.

if the signal is not perfect purity and potency then you damage your ears.

i now wonder how i will transmit this. as mentioned it is already transmitted.

as deju vu is for real i have sometimes worked hours on a project.

only to realise at some point in it or earlier that it was a deja vu.

with text it is easier to notice because the text looks exactly the same.

NI dominance means my brain whoever controls it works in the background.

i cannot say sex is a pleasure. for others it seems so but i just got to.

where i am in another way than other people.

i wonder if i will become the core of earth after death.

or the raging wind.

there are other elements.

since i did not experience a better world before in this existance

i cannot tell how it will end. i know the beginning since some time back.

i thought that i was just a mix of my mom and dad.

but i could not seer further back in time.

with drugs it is easy to seer. a recent deja vu made me understand.

that if you sin against a brotherhood the whole brotherhood is against you.

that is to say the hivemind talks to you when you talk to one of their people.

it does not matter how many people there are they will all work together.

they will respond to every thought emotion action you have ever done or do or will do.

angels how it is presented to me seem to be surface only. they are dead inside.

and then they can be called to be mummys. that is filled with gems and metal.

i am growing more tired and there is less optimum air generation in my room.

i could now pretend that i am happy but you only know what is true for you.