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moves on

in a few years

they will check your mind

for political thoughts

which arent let the loved one on tv win

theres no turning back

its not much time left

hey i made a new record

maybe i should link it or something

i dont know what comes after political art love

the one before was pain pleasure poetry

i forgot the geek part

theres an encrypted song in it

but i figured 3 words was enough

i now will not log into that account

so i wont know the stats

bitchute is a tough place

i am now eating loads of sandwiches

hey its sand and its a wish

doesnt have to be all bad

i wont drink their coffee today

maybe later or not at all

i used to prefer coffee with cacao

or chocolate or whatever you want to call it

it doesnt mean poop but everyone laughs at me

everyone laughed a lot and ignored made fun of

i still persevered

i got tired of quick connections

phone sex jesus

then bella came into my life

and it was better for awhile

i get why people get bitter now

but youre supposed to be bitter

over someone until you find someone new

and the black book means

you read a page

then you imagine meeting them

you dress up in clothes makeup perfume

you go to some place you get drunk and high

and they are there the one of your dreams

it might just be someone

that looks somewhat like them

but to you theyre still the same

in your imagination

placebo is strong and it is scientifically proven

that is if you put your mind to it you can do anything

still there are other minds at play

as darkhalo calls it external entities

i bought cheeze and butter and bread

the cheeze wasnt tasty it was above age you know saltcrystals

still it had next to none taste

not like parmesan

i just chose one cheeze quickly and that was it

there are other worlds one world is the same as ours

but everything in it means differently

time does not exist in this world

as the sun does not exist

there are only correct actions

again the matrix soundtrack

samples an old hiphop song

rhythm is the key

as we open up the door

if you look at the i-ching

there are only 2 letters

a line and a line thats been cut in two

if the line is a wall and the cut line a door

you need a line to open the door

one particular key

this is mathematics

like i figured before all societies

all species no matter what ant

lion spacebear what have you

invented spacetravel

to quote mister grosssmart from

the middle passage (OG) version:

prison planet fanatics

complain to the matrix

thus revolution is not the strongest force

is cuba better or worse after the revolution

you can say nay or yay to that

it depends on your perspective

if you can hold multiple perspectives at once

you are at scientific frequency

so i bought mincemeat for 4 days

it turned into quite a lot

to quote myself

everything is created in real-time

now im in a state of desperation

but it will be alright by not being alright

music has the power to calm the beast

it is said

or a beast has a greater power than a demon

this beast is tracey

elena is her middle name

julias middle name is elenora


she liked changing her clothes a lot

shes still the wisest person i have ever met

i just told her things ive thought about myself

and it made her happy

i made her happy

she wanted to create a family with me

but it did not turn so

now im in a big family

a big big family

i have met several mafia bosses

they didnt look too particular

my age so not superaged yet

im aging as well

i smoked a cig when the

winter sun shone on me

i got a tan almost burnt

it was only a minute

but in the fifth dimensions

time is an illusion

and burning smoke

on my face is toxic

anyway i dont have

the same flow as before

now it is sofia speaking

tomas might come out

or the cat called sofia

you never know

im old

im tired

the world is coming to an end

will i still be able to blog

but it doesnt fulfill me

not completely

will miss and mister

economy be by my side

in the future

is everything alright

and not much will change

im blogging im on mr poetry site

its alright i guess

miss poetry sites admins are strong

real strong

one is called johanna

one is called daniel

great names great people

my body is sour

i am in negative sourness polarity

some are in plus polarity

its usually because they drink alcohol

a lot

a whole lot

but they are still lonely

they are still sad

they still fight for something

and maybe they too fail

and all they have is their misery

from time to time

sometimes theyre happy

sometimes theyre sad

sometimes theyre glad

sometimes their mad

its just how it goes

from time to time

hey im in a great collection of stories

its just called


it can be ordered on adlibris and bokus

in time you can use

google translate to

navigate the site

if you want to read it

its fantasy and science fiction poetry

i dont know about science fiction part

i made some cosmic poem quickly

it was only 55 lines or so

its not a masterpiece

not a 5 hour piece

but its something

i was also given an early xmas present

reflections on haikus

i got angry at second but happy first and third

i look over it random pages from time to time

its a good book like any book is good

its another world

its nothing you can find online

just the precense of wood

not metal nor plastic

wood paper softness with hardness

i once got a plastic cut

it was immensively clumsy

because of that a gang member

joined the second hand store

he was a good guy strong heart

he just stepped out of line now and again

he was a phone salesman

still a good guy no matter

how much i slam phones

not so much anymore instead

recommend lightweight laptops

to people who are in misery

so if you are miserable

and cant stop updating your blog or

checking messages

blip blop blap

on facebook

forget your phone

get a laptop they dont cost a lot

this is sofia sotz over and out

for now over soon probably

i will now try to enjamb this properly

hearts and hugs and saffron kisses

if you dare take me

into your world

only a few have

bella julia

the countess

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)

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