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"I’ve noticed people
who got vaccinated ‘are’
literally going brain dead"
- bitchute comment

i am unfortunately like this

i moved to a new place
and the power connections
were in the centre of the apartment

i got anxiety from just being near it...

so much electricity

my vmat2 gene is completely off

i can lie in bed for hours and
not have a single thought
or only get OCD thoughts
going round and around..

i still dont watch tv
or read the newspapers
so im not completely gone yet

it seems "wellness"
is paired with
this braindeadness

its "clinically proven"
"take a deep breath
and think of
here and now"
heals people

well, then...

a single newscast or
magazine story
wrecks them

i think people
have been brainwashed
for a long time
before the death vaccine
were equally lethal vaccines

going overseas?
lots of vaccines
and you still get sick

all this drinking booze
and smoking pot
zeroes your head
until you only think
dirty thoughts

ive tried a few beers at the pub
and got disgusted
with the thoughts i got

the worlds population
has been mentally dead
for a long time
this just was the
epicentre of it

it was inevitable
the natural "evolution"

without alcohol
we would be much
better off as a species

i follow a norwegian
guy on facebook, he
into only being able
to take in 1 sentence at a time
and that he can drink "15" beers

theres a lot of people
like that out there

more than you think

without alcohol old people dont get wrinkles
and their sunk in eyes
are from alcohol taking over the brain
passing the blood/brain barrier
and "melting" the
omega 3 fatty acids

i remember one woman
in particular, shes a party girl..

last i saw her in a pub
(hey, had a kebab)
her eyes were like pin needles
so much alcohol in the brain
even if shes a good woman

"it wobbles"
as you say in swedish
"det skvalpar"...

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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