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anyway. you dont need to listen to all of that. its just jabberwockey. in short, ALL food, since the beginning of 2020, no matter if its junkfood or veggies / roots / greens, WHATEVER. tastes like "brett". the main reason for that smell, is FORMALIN (37% formaldehyde, 3% methane, and the rest water). the reason no one has figured this out, or even noticed the mere occurance. is that everyone is around cars. i mean, if you live in the country, with really clean air. you probably go to your job and the grocery store and such in a car. well, you know what? i breathe apartment air. its part cigarette smoke from other people, and quite gross things. the thing is though, im not used to the PETROLEUM tinge. when i go on my 30 minute walks, and come home, i get the strangest most disgusting smell originating from my lungs for an hour. that smell isnt brett, its like.. stone:ish dust. a mix of exhaust from vehicles, plastic wheels, and the ground - as asphalt is really a waste product of petroleum production. when theyve removed *everything* of value from it, like polyethylene, gasoline - whatever, whats left is this goo:y substance, which hardens eventually. so they transport it, heat it up, and pour it on gravels roads. and they all turn easy to ride on. so, i IMPLORE you, buy lots of groceries, including a bag of apples, dont leave your apartment for A WEEK. then eat said apples, plus points if one of them is damaged, brown or black at places. i guarantee, youll feel the brett taste. its disgusting. and the thing with formalin is, it NULLIFIES the antioxidant effect, all good things in food. well soon all be dead, most surely.

and something i wanna mention. not in the video. is if youve ever been called a fucking fatty. no matter how they say it. well. FUCK IT. be a lardass, and be PROUD. youre (hopefully) not a smoker, youre not a drinker, youre not a junkie. all those "elites" want you in their gang. they have one single thing in common, beyond being stupid as fuck, and thats that theyre all emaciated (and lonely as hell, and more neurotic than youll ever be). so eat those 1kg of chocolate in 30 minutes with joy. because chocolate is tasty! and its good for you. it sure beats smoking 10 packs of cigarettes in the same time. or shooting up heroin. or whatever. and even if you fart a lot, and dont shower a lot, it sure beats smelling like a SKUNK from too much weed, it beats smoking a SINGLE cigarette, becauses that reekiness goes into ANYTHING, it beats smelling like the INSIDE of your stomache when youre hung over, and, uhm.. stronger shit smells WORSE. so BE A COW and BE PROUD.

anyway, i shouldnt really call a spade a spade. i should be happy and cute and arsty and huggly and second hand softie and never get ANYONE again and everything will be GREAT then now later and forevers foreverity.. and STUFF. anyway, if you didnt know, YES im a fucking COMEDY SHOW. except S03E07 has a RINGU cameo, and everyones ALWAYS freaks out then. they are like, "you were a being of pure light, how DARE you dissolve into a black hole, you buttfart!"


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av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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