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we were 2 in the geek gang
then 3 (since 4th grade)
then 5 (in 6th)
then in 9th grade just 1
- me i and myself

ive never talked about this

one time i joked about what
we should do to MY bully
but he bullied
every single one
of my geek friends

and im 110% sure
that a lot of peoples
in my class and school
bullied my friends
when it was just
1 vs a dozen

wolves hunt alone huh?

it continued in highschool
until an art teacher saved me

the worst bully got himself
some nice trimmed beard then
there were 2 graffiti
artists there too
same as when i tried to
improve my grades later

2 graffiti artists
they cannot have gone
through very fun
things either

i was
never mad
at my bullies

i never
wasted a single
breath on them

i forgave them
i understood them
i can barely even
remember their names

but i remember
their marijuana
(like they only
took that!)

their smirking mugs
when they berated me

lack of

fuck em
"art is self reflection" (1997)
"be yourself find yourself
then the art / your dreams
come naturally" (2004)

av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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