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the theory of evil


"They're literally trying to conjure up an anti-christ spirit of Osiris into the President"

hmm. i guess the main reason america gets such douchebag presidents, is to control them.

i mean, just thinking of the latest, bush and biden (and pelosi! dear gawd!). who wouldnt be "ashamed our president came from texas"?

theyre such a joke, its just incomprehensible. i have never, in my life, met someone in any way near their immense stupidity. (well, your average alcoholic in the neighborhood sure fits the bill. i dont interact with them though)

but, as theyre controlled by a higher power, this makes sense.

like, you feed a leviathon, a blue whale, a gojira, plankton, or even just, a huge piece of slime, a billion people. the unsentient being just goes "yum", and gains immense powers. except, them being near zero-iq, they cant use it.

with enough magical abilities, you can use their influence though.

i mean, it really perplexes me, that they would take out bush W again to make a fool of the american people. but somehow.. this gives the illuminati power. i dont quite get it..

like william s burroughs says, "word is a virus (from outer space)".

just the process of being near someone, feeling their energy / aura / smell / heat, affects you a lot. the same for hearing them speak.

and if bush makes some catch his virus, they now have control of these people.

like zombies eating brains, just on a metaphysical level.

that these presidents are mk ultra experiments, is an understatement.

now, obama was a good card to play.

they knew the imminent race wars was getting closer.

the upcoming release of both mumyas "have black lives ever mattered?", and immortal techniques "the middle passage", made them chill to the bone.

so they took a mulato. hell, i fell for it, i even read his first "biography" (quite well-written piece of fiction!).

then, trump. they underestimated him. i mean, what would be better than a reality-show star? but hes a joker, a wild card. an idiot says the same things as the wise man, its just.. encrypted. i recently got to know that Q is actually trump himself?

"I somehow knew you would mention Middle Earth. I was going to speak about Before the Big Bang and Dimension 0, but didnt. "

haha, cool ^_^

yes, its like this song i made. i say "i love you bella" over and over in it. then in the middle, this changes to a beastly haunting version of the verbiage. it completely freaks me out! i now know how others feel about my music ^_^ (most turn off the first song after 5 secs, to never return!).

the thing is, sometimes when i listen to it, i get the fright-sensation, several seconds before its supposed to happen?

thats what they say of the heart, it can travel in time. it is said that the hearts frequency, is actually 150 000 x stronger than the brains.

i know of meditation, yoga, wellness, selflove, that stuff.

it doesnt work on me. even if it does, its just temporary. i feel the same way, the next day.

hey, i even managed to find a real nice healing frequency video. i had my battery power low on the laptop. so after having slept for 4 hours, it got automatically turned off.

well, the next day, it was like i was with bella again! completely amazing feeling. like i was in love!

though, not much later, this faded completely.

(the same goes for watching stand-up comedy, or even, meme video collections! no matter how much i laugh, it really.. does nothing to me. i usually am completely placent, like a hindu cow, no thoughts at all. one thought pops up now and then, but thats it! shuddha prajnyana..)

and now im immune to healing frequencies.

its like, having a gemstone (even just a cheap rocky version for a few bucks) in your bellybutton. that worked once, and once only, then i developed "antibodies" to all gems in existance

(basically, 1 second was enough, then really strange things started happening. a turkish women, who i didnt really know, knocked on my door a moment later, and invited me her to my place. i was in complete synchrocity. i went to see a friend far-off, and met her directly after i got off the station "oh, its you? i.. didnt know you were gonna visit me?".

i ended up leaving her home, at 3 at night. i slept beneath a concrete staircase half the night. the other part, in a snowstorm on a parkbench. i had 53 crowns on my card, it costed 51 to go to the nearest main city, on the first bus, the next day.

when i finally got home, i turned on my laptop.. and all the shit got back to me. still, sometime afterwards, i only met twinflames, everywhere..

like, i was to have 5 sisters.. emma, sofia, sara, maria, virginia. i met someone called emma-sofie, i mean, whats the chance? and she was a christian healer! but bella was a druid healer, so i picked her ^_^ i could also use simple prayer, to make good things happen [make emma-sofi appear, if i had same the blue/white clothes on, as well! like when we first met], make long-delayed trains appear. lots of stuff.

then, years later, i tried smoking. got the same sort of synchronicity, at the cost of my mind and body though.. like, youd grab a cigarette butt on the ground, light it, take a single breath, and the 30 minute delayed commute.. it was there in a jiffy!)

(actually, they all started working in opposite polarity. stupidly of me, i even bought a diamond ring for bella. after i bought it, i tried putting it on my finger. to say "hell on earth" came over me, is an understatement =\)

to get back to the point. now, like always, i cant pray. sick OCD gets over me. like im summoning demons instead. could be the methane thing, never tried praying when i was young.

and, like i mentioned, that even when spiritual practices work, they still reset when not much time has passed (or i do them too much, they flip over to bad things, which sometimes, never go away).

in herman hesses "siddhartha", buddha notices the same thing. he tries the yogi route, of just meditating, walking, not eating anything. he reaches enlightenment, except.. it was just a moment, it was fleeting. so he gave up that route. poem time! ^_^

first, i was rich
then i got tired of that

then, i was smart
then i got tired of that

then, i was happy
and i got tired of that too

then i got a job
and i never tired

i guess, im just cursed. though, my latest theory, is that saturn has such a sick power over me. even my unluckiness in love ("trust me, you dont want clamydia") could be because of saturn. women are interested in me left and right, but.. its like its this forcefield between us. and no matter how hard i try, i can never break through.

(except 2 times, with S.A.C.R.I.F.I.C.E. and extreme synchronicity, when the time is right).

as for me, im happy now. i finally get my vacation, my peace. if death was like this, hey, sign me up!

but i realize with the advent of programmable currencies, the world will come to an end, soon. its already started in italy! (it will come with the new vaccine, programmable brains. you will get instructions to follow. it will be like the worst OCD possible. what they will instruct you with, i dont want to know. though, i have felt the worst possible. no, people with ocd dont think theyre "ugly" or "failures", thats an incredibly mild version! i had the "kill yourself" and "kill others" type. luckely, the despair made me not able to do anything, except lying pained in bed, until it passed. but i understand violence now. its when someone pushes you over the age. "crimes of passion".)

and it seems like, every religion (hey, even buddhism, saw a haunting video recently =\) has the concept of hell, of it "cleansing the soul", via intense labour / torture. doesnt sound like fun to die =( (barlowes inferno illustrations)

i mean, not like life wasnt mostly pain and unpaid work already! then after you die, it gets even worse? is this a joke?