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Just a neighborhood cat that visits me sometime. She's not actually black she's just an ordinary tabby. Not photoshopped, just increased the brightness. My webcam is fab 🖤 I both like photoshops that take 5 hours to make non-stop without ANY breaks but i also like street art where you just point your cam at something and it looks real good. Right now I only have a webcam to photo with. I remember adoring people who could look different in every single selfie, and this was before even Facebook existed. Now I'm there. It's not easy, but it's not difficult either, just listen to your intution. Me, I'm a Pisces, so if I'm in a bad mood I just shower for a long time. Eventually I start "talking" to the water. And this selfie is the bluest one I ever made. So it represented me without me even trying, synchronicity is like that 🖤


av Sofia Af Atlantis (ris och ros)

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