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wrong. hitler was funded by the fake jews (rottschilds, ashkenazi, khazarian). hitlers granddad was a rottschild himself. after ww1, the rottschilds got promised isreal by england. so, like ww1, ww2 was just a hoax (the rottschilds manipulated the stockmarket in both world wars, like theyd done since the napoleon wars). 27k jews died, 5 million germans died.

as for the masons, its all really confusing. the illuminati arent the bad guys. i met an open illuminati recently, who said he battled the new world order. theyre not the same as the cabal (cannibals, circumcision is one of their evil rituals), nor the masons (egypt), nor the real jews (palestinians), nor the kabbalists (the kabbalah was written by a muslim, aka the kabbal of allah). and im not sure the masons exist at all, nor that theyre egyptian. its said they got their name from having diplomatic immunity for building churches. except, the seal of solomon gave him the power to order demons to build churches for him. so, the masons have power over middle earth. thats quite a lot. and theyve tried to turn everyone into a demon. useless workers. just look at china. gotta love them cheap smartphones. a job isnt freedom. it just prepares you for the afterlife. if you work mostly, you turn into a slave in hell. if you do art, you build galaxies, etc.

and lets not forget the "carrot tops". theyre the true egyptians (khemet). im one of these. so i have lots of inside info. i can steal souls. quite a strong power. aka vampire. aka dragon. aka cat. aka mummy. freckles actually light up in electrum-green. 1 freckle per stolen soul. i can easily imitate anyone (in art too. if i intake an artwork, i make something in the same style. like the original artist did it. even if theyre dead. i accumulate energy. basically. both good and painful). even with stonefaces / snakeeyes, i know exactly what theyre feeling. i can control the weather. both directly (i imagine wind swirling around my body, then i send it up in the sky, or at a person, or at myself) and indirectly (very large 3-dimensional aura. like an entire countrys).

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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