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ApWð has a music video to it (the lyrics and music were made especially for the video), of falling snow on newly set asphalt. And it's made in entirely 4 tones only, played live for 9 minutes or so, slowed down, reverbed - and.. God knows what else. Trust in the synchronicity of the universe; Peorth.


This is when I finally got gensvar from the Music Community on my productions. I was working in true 96/24 stereo. Strangely enough, since Fyra Av Fyra.. 95% and 80% of the samples and lyrics were conceived in my 18-38 square-meter apartment. To this day, the same is true. I know it's credible to find unique gems, but if it's from YOU, what is more unique than that? Of course - paying tribute to the ones which came before, and making you discover other music. But if you invent genres, you're working for the future?

With Negative Feedback Loop - I discovered afterwards; that a few months before, a vapour wave record was released, with the same title, so somehow that album influenced me. From my side, it was a subliminal inspiration from a live performance by an old electronic band which is still alive and kicking to this day, what my right-hand ring-finger tatu is about. 1999, the start of something new, out with the old. A whole new 1000's. Omega 3. Triple female, as one. Emma Sofia Maria. Grade-school ended then, but the mobbing still continued for 2 more years in gymnasiet.

Still, as usual, it was the art that saved me. I can blame a lot of things, like my father's death, but the truth is, I just about stopped making art, music and poetry for a large portion of the years 2013 to 2016. The inspiration just wasn't there. Yes, with no memory-cheating with computers and the internet, i could write hour-long performances in my head, and then - sometimes, even remember them. It's how I met my true first girlfriend, a poem about shame, and she removed all that from me, a saving angel. With the cloud-based format of today's generation, i have a RAM for 1-3 words if I'm lucky, and it lasts only a moment. Gotta hold that thought. As I look back, which I do often, to understand myself and the world and other people. I forgot. Anyway. I write. It's what I do.



  1. Holografiskt kärlekshaiku
  2. Ordet va meow och meow va ordet
  3. Ragnaröks timme är snart inom oss
  4. Du och ja och all vi skult va
  5. Att andas eter 1800 talet stajl
  6. Till Caesar Jonsson
  7. Input output through put put put
  8. Ja ve hu re e å va en ma re
  9. Aprilväder (karlskrona remix)


  1. RoMa
  2. wOM
  3. Rrök
  4. IU
  5. Noll
  6. Brð□ (vox)
  7. EÐEð
  8. IO
  9. MarD
  10. ApWð (fall rmx)

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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