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Corona 4


I'd be all for vaccines if there weren't any side-effects; or the fact that such a high percentage blindly trusts medical professionals; or that the news is, instead of "muslims are bad people" spamming everyone everywhere all the time, with pro-vax propaganda. But come on man, social distancing? And not just touching, but not even coming near? Why don't they just outright ban sex, and we'll have pro-sexxers and anti-sexxers, and the ones which still enjoy life get banned, shut down, jailed, executed, etc, and then we're all dead in one generation?! Do you even know what's going on in wuhan, venezuela or indonesia?!?!

The whole vaccine-debacle has done one thing, one thing only, to me, and its to sort out the ones which can think for themselves, and which ones think like the herd - and its a scary high number which arent individuals, and never will be - when The Media has their grab on their minds. This is the same kind of mentality which made the Nazis come to power. You do know whats happening right, where we are headed? Will you be shocked when youll have zero liberties and self thinking left, and will be put in a septic tank for the rest of eternity with glistening 2x4k screens and dolby surround, so youll be entertained 24/7? (Best of all, ITS FREE)

Uhm, I just realized.. After having a strange feeling in my stomache after reading countless corona articles, especially because of the content of nearly all replies; Slashdot and its community is against Bill Gates in every sense of the word, but have you forgotten it's he who started this whole thing? He's never made one single good ​or original thing in his entire life, and now you trust he's got your best interests in mind?

Are you really this gullible to the American mass media, which you know, nearly controls basically the whole world by now?! All government officials, all tv channels, all news reporting, nearly everyone you talk to anywhere - they all say the same thing, and if you just dare to post something which disagrees with it, your social media platform has already read what you've said, and puts up a disclaimer on your post? This is way beyond Stasi or anything that's ever existed before.

Throw out your radio. Smash your TV. Sell your smartphone to the nearest hipster. Get a 24-hour battery laptop. Or get a life, or something. Live to the fullest, before it's too late.

Thanks for something intelligent in the question. As I've posted about before, I am 110% sure the first shot was a nanochip. Now I'm leaning towards, that the second was nanobots. For some reason, with the second shot, when I (and everyone else) was to sit down after the shot, I got strange feelings in my upper back. As I'd been smoking heavily (stopped now though) I figure now it was nanobots that were got sent to heal my lungs. I know it sounds crazy, but I thought Slashdot was ahead of the game, in knowing about nanotechnology? Why isn't *anyone* talking about it?!

By the way, I was completely against vaccines, but since I live at a mental housing (i got there from a suicide attempt), I was forced. I am now not mad at anyone for getting the shots. If you look up about nanotechnology, you can see that they can cure both cancer and parkinson, and will be able to restore organs. Of course, if you're a dissident, they could also theoretically "terminate" you, but i don't think that's the masters agenda really - aka - who would want to nuke the world?

As this is a geek site, I figured I'd look up the meaning of the word everyone gladly has in their mouth these days:

data as processed, stored, or transmitted by a computer.

Misinformation would then be, something that does not exist. Or to say it another way:

propaganda as processed, stored, or transmitted by a selection of people to other selections of people, repeatedly, until only one view remains.

Don't forget göbbels words: "I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few". Who actually has reason left, in this corona feud?

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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