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"I went to Clay’s event in Oregon and 3 days after getting home, went down sick for almost 3 weeks. This is despite taking an arsenal of supplements and the ivm/hcq prophylaxis. I noticed that half the crowd there was over 60 and am guessing a good 1/3 -1/2 might have been jabbed. Being from WA State, I know many Patriots who got jabbed early on before realizing there might be a nefarious agenda in play."

woah. i didnt know it was that bad. i figured people that got sick didnt take antivenoms. i know for a fact that i smell like a mix between hung-over / metal / slimey sleaze (aka snake).

yes, ive gotten 2 jabs, i know, i was naive and stupid - id read a lot about it, but still.. the first was saline solution. the second was the raw deal. one thing ive noticed, which no one has mentioned, and ive heard other people IRL say it too: i got intense muscle weakness for several weeks after the jab. just like.. you got bitten by a snake.

and when i just got the jab, you were supposed to sit down for 15 mins. well, after 1 min, i got an intense ache in my back, so i stood up. if id done as told, id been dead. ("natural causes" = homing nanoparticles)

it seems staying healthy these days isnt that easy. and im forced to be around people where i am now. i really dont know what to do. i cant get access to hcq.

i guess they dont need vaccine passports for the unvaccinated. you do best with ignoring everyone in the entire world, it seems =\

ill take buck 65s word: "lets swim to an unknown island".

strangely enough, so many people.. act.. normal? i dont hear most talking about side-effects, theyre mostly worried.. with even touching another human being.

are they another breed? are we all surrounded by reptiloids, robots and satanists already?! it makes you wonder..

i also know ive felt funny since the beginning of 2020. yes, i was fooled, and took an early PCR test. it was negative though (the test checks for flu / cold symptoms, and i havent had that for years). i also used masks for a limited period. both of these have graphene in them, and parasites as well.. jesus christ..

i mean, im permanently sick. my heart / blood-pressure is a joke. when im out walking, which i dont feel like doing most days, i YAWN because i get so tired. i also have to stop several timees, even if its just a 30 minute walk. its so messed up..

i guess you get the same symptoms as me. except, im used to them. in the beginning, feeling my heart pumping like a maniac wasnt a fun experience. neither the intense tiredness, i still need to rest several times a day. i also, and i havent heard anyone mention this, need to shower, over and over, evidently to reduce the radiation stress on my body. but then again, i have fibriomyalgia (aka electronics / metal oversensitivity).