Cosmic lovefuck incl epic battle with the false prophet

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Cosmic lovefuck incl epic battle with the false prophet


let me tell you about warm maria
warm maria has the greatest ass known to the man who is lucky to fuck it every single day
i dont think she has african nor latina roots so i dont really get it
she just has the best of all possible worlds automagically
did i mention ive fucked her from every kama sutra position possible
and that ive photod / filmed every single one of our 2 month foreplays beyond blake and annas collection
she is double waterbunny and double pisces
so when she cums she cums a lot and from every orifice too
no she doesnt fountain cum its more like a cum volcano
and she loves art in every shape or form like our swingingfuckbuddies male specific anatomy
and says im the greatest photographer and lover in sweden
she also says that i have the greatest hardest metal red hot rod beyond the fragrance of 50 ingredient fish soup with naturally derived saffron aroma with the most beautiful and softest still intact pink anti friction treatment in the whole world
and her ass is so fucking great it has a prefered pronoun and it is heart and if you even just think of it as it it will sue you more in a settlement in the average time it takes to send and reply to an email in 5g speeds across all oceans beyond blackrocks and vanguards total assets
the passage to this womens heart can only be found while shes on all fours while barking like kerberos to lick her pussy right until her water retention is in the negatives and youll gain 200 pounds muscle weight on your tongue from the protein content and your noze will turn bigger than an iranian inbred incestisthebest family thats existed before shuddha prajnyna was split in two
her ass has achieved sentience which is why it hops around so fucking much from hip to hip whenever she tries to vacuum up my semen which gets injected into her uterus deeper than the marijuana grave and has more gene complexity than the daphnia pulex and fix the laundry which turns so radiantly big white and beautiful it blinds and deafens anyone in hearing range like an avalanche on top of mount tarbora
her ass is so divine she reaches a top speed of 1km/h in complete despair while running from a resurrected berzerk elephant mummy with kids
while i shock all of you flaccid viagra monkey fiends infertility at a giraffes length per thrust where just halfway into a horse makes it give birth to a centaur
and her meatgrinder is even tighter than an anorexic japanese midget dwarf pixie fairy whose XXXS tampon is larger than her body
though were the same height when it takes from entrance to exit somehow
you can only move inside her at 1mm intervals every minute
most spooge before shes wrapped their head around her
me when i finally understand her deep laiden khemet roots i get stuck like a wolfdog trying to comprehend as to where to stroke her next because of her inaudible to the naked normie ears blue whale gaia frequency subwoofer MMMMHHHHH...!!!OANS complexity
and just how low down her pancakes can hang non-bra-naturally in 60 degree kashmir summer weather still wearing a wonderful shantung angora camel hair sweater that shows every one of her protrutions clear as day down to the individual superstring
yes shes above 50 already in menopause but has skin which only gets better and softer with age and doesnt need a g-string to look good on the beach nor any underwear beyond a thick layer of oxytocin and estrogen beyond a shallow butterface 100 year olds half day to apply rouge as her radiating neon infra red raspberry pie which makes everything down to an ameoba engage in casual naturally-high stronger than south americas GNP output of coke XTC fentanyl GHB LSD absinth orgies in a 50 mile radius like a 5g CERNHAARP laser beacon EMP at the 1 million people strong freedom trucker australia protests
maria wearing jeans is a terrorist attack on any woman who ever imagined themselves looking good and spurs them into an eating disorder frenzy either to starve themselves so much because their asses will never look anywhere near as good as hers so they commit literal assicide or they turn to super heavy users but they will turn completely immobile like a barnacle a long time before their voi vittu brilliance even comes close
when i get her going her heartbeat is as fast as an atomic clock clocking in at a BPM higher than any extratone track and my beyond 12 armed octopuss tentacle octocock appendages who have been surgically beyond a brain transplant split by the elite greys in more parts and thrusting power than a tachyon splitting valorite-65535 and produces more timbre complexity on her voice than black midi
and you dont want to be close to her when she gets going like a male dolphins prehensile penis it produces more energy than the entire lifespan of all the earths powerplants combined and it makes the fukushima and tjernobyl accident seem like a joke by comparison and her succulent astral projections in more time than the universes 25 billion year lifespan in dreamtime and 1/64:th planck constants in realtime makes a pornstars 700 round bukkake seem like a 3 day old crybaby left randomly floating on the nile river falling down the burning rabbit siberia sink hole wheeping for the first time like a spacebear fart and she will make your life seem like an accident because your puny STD infested AIDS-glacial cock will never get any of her punani and you will wish your bonobo homo habilis synthesized sumerian family tree was never even started and her la petit morte uses more 4D energy than a 100 multiverse spanning antimatter engine which is below the power that is needed to impregnate her yes shes is still popping out kids via virgin birth above mumtaz mahals numbers and her fucking immaculate ass has more squat work in it than the taj mahal and the pyramids of giza combined and 20000 sketch artists are still waiting in line and the number is getting logarithmically incomprehensibly higher like the universes black matter expansion and the art made of her if it was lined up would be from the sun and back and our latest synchronized 300 in a row orgasms produced a sonic boom stronger than the entire lifespan of a supernova which made all materia disintegrate like a pixar movies BSOD RAID and all backups final 128k 360 degree render meltdown like a black hole in an area larger than 500 lightmillenia cuboctahedroned and the saved force was stronger than the big bang so billie G go back to your cubicle barracks which are at the centre of the earth and burn in the ring of fire you computervirusfucker with a 2001 copyright on corona you eugenic shitface where you can unsuccessfully in 1 million tries by 1 billion quantum computers reverse engineer crack memory leak my sourcecode where you can just dream about mk ultra cisordinol accutard THQ chloroform zombie OJ simpson mindcontrolling me where you can live in a fake ass 100 supersenses in a 1000D metaverse where everyone has a enhanced 100000ZZZ beaver anal secretions bra and a cock larger than the leviathons where you can just dream about getting more adrenochrome than epstein and fuck more celebrity pussy than weinstein and come up with a noble prize equation beyond einsteins which will simply explain whats beyond the vortex theory or a perpetuated lie worse than the holocaust and your achievements are worse than christopher columbus greatness and genocide a higher percentage of the worlds population than the pestilence and work towards keeping the 640k memory bus like microsofts supposed stable windows NT server monopoly and making the georgia guidestones come true even before 2030 because too many people are waking up you amateuric negative centimetre dick because there are after all too many fucking useless eaters we need more demons we need more aliens we need more reptiles i am the frontfigure in the frontlines in the resistance movement versus the new world order i dont shy away from fronting with anyone no matter if youre built of the very fabric which holds together our faraday cage universe simulation oh you think antikali is ending the universe i can do it with 1 atom in my body before you have the time to connect 2 quantum entangled neurons holographically i am more forgiving than KJVs YHVH i am more judging than allah killing my soul would spur a middle earth riot beyond george floyd eventhough i can breath perfectly well in pure vacuum
by the way that fucking reminds me this is the first fucking time ive remembered to draw in air for a whole 2 fucking hours as my mindfucking crystalized brain structure used up all the fucking oxygon particles on this god damned fucking earth so i had to flee to a paralell fucking wormportalholegateway unifuckingverse where everything is clittyfucking peachy like whitneys motherfucking coaster requirement visit to the TV4 studios whose walls are still fucking peachcoloured and my fucking flawless 99.999999999999999999% uptime motherfucking free GNRs chinese democracy wifi has fucking stopped working entirely FUCKFUCKFUCK and i cant fucking listen to my favorite adfree fucking bubblegum liquid drum and bass mixes i think ill end this with MARIA FUCK THATS A BEAUTIFUL FUCKING NAME YOU KNOW WEVE GOT SOMETHING IN COMMON IM ALSO FUCKING CALLED THAT (sorta) could you be my baby boo? =( <3 <3 <3 yours truly, a runofthemill xoxoxratedtaurus

av i am the alpha and the omega (ris och ros)

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