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"det heter ko--viid"

uhm. critical thinking. logical deduction based on known factors. Det sägs att dom som struntar i det förflutna är condemned to repeat it. there was a vid on bitchute, after the author got introduced to the concept of "the great reset". greta is all about it. 100 trillion dollars. sure is a lot of moneys. and they won't stop petroleum, they'll just put a tax on it, how cute!

now, think back. when you got the flue before in wintertime. was it worse than the vaccine? no! unless you didn't take precautions, like wearing warm clothes, not eating too much at xmas, nor drinking too much alcohol (ever). in summertime i've noticed it myself, i can binge in whatever sin, and just when september comes, the healing sunlight, the happy faces on people, the warmth, the bright days — just disappears, and that "harmful sin"? bites my ass heavily.

like drinking orange juice every day, to restore your immune system. it's that easy. but they just say "wash your hands". that's it?! so your complete immune system is only on your hands, and bacteria are evil? there was a silly show on tv, where they talked about "flesh eating bacteria", just in corona time. dear god. how they try.

anyway. the vid was a talk by a holocaust survivor. what they did to the yews, step by step, every single thing, they're doing to 99.99% of the world's population now. strange how there was no "effieciency" factor before? the reason people only 70+ got it first, is because then they'll DIE. they killed my grandma at 96, she was healthy and well and talked just about as much garbage as i do, all day long.

the efficiency, since they're so clumsy about it, is how sterile you'll be in your dna. so when your children get it, bye bye having any chance of grandchildren!

still, those with RH+, zero blood type, will survive this all. RH+ is 15%, and zero is a dwindling number of people. so that's a very small percentage of the world's population. the zeroes are basically gene manipulated robots. how malcolm X talked about the white man as devil spawn (even though he retracted it later, which is why he was assassinated, he turned altruistic after going to mekka), well, it's completely correct. we don't care for anyone. we don't care for ourselves. we just wanna eat shit for food. talk shit. see shit. hear shit. we just wanna die. hopefully in the most gruesome way possible, because then there's a higher chance Mr Holy will feel pity on us, and we'll most surely be reserved a spot in heaven! yay!

the corona transcript, relayed by every physician, every state official, every newscast, every numbskull — across the globe — must've been written by sir henry william gates the third himself. i mean, it's so clumsy it's funny! so they, firstly, in january this year, all over the news, say that the corona vaccine had HIV in it — uh, why would they put such a thing like that for corona huh? couldn't kill us in an easier way? and then, then! they say, "the second corona virus is upon us!". and guess what, you'll need 2 shots against that as well. next year? the third wave! and so on, until everyone is dead.

and you do this willingly? you didn't burn korans on the streets when bush said they were evil for 19 years. you didn't enlist in the army to kill innocent iraqis. you didn't stop driving your car. you didn't start growing veggies. you didn't stop upgrading your pathetic piece of shiny plastic (it's mine, my precious!) umpteen times per year, so a billion slave labourers could get their 1$ a month. you didn't vote for the (pick the choice of your country's) nazi party.

but these, these sleazebags, these total pieces of lying shitholes, you bow down to them. and you do not take it up the ass like they used to do with you, but in the arm? why not just use dirty syringes instead? they already wanted to give you AIDS. but you take their "advice" (just add vice). any time of the day. up your ass, which has displaced your face, your eyes, your tongue, your gut instinct, your heart, your.. you have nothing left. amoeba, lab mice, sewer rats, a pocket calculator, have more say in the world than you! yeah, feels so good getting fucked, huh? you're begging for it. bigger, better, more, neverending.

the great reset will have another meetings in may. we're soon as dead as the night. soon everyone and everything will be gone. the only way they can "give" money back to the people afterwards, is with nanochipping - hey, it's like a mobile, only it's free, available always, no need to charge it 8 times per day! no one will complain. they can release nanobots in the air. with 5g towers (get your guns! shoot those motherfuckers down!) jampacked on every square mile of the globe, if you think incorrenctly for one millisecond - "oh my god corona got him!". no one will be spared. except the christian robot zombies. and the sickly inventive, incredibly spiritual. but they already have an afterlife. the reptiles are winning. they are even corrupting the venus starseeds. music is shit. art is shit. it's all shit. everything's that's good gets corrupted in every way possible if someone cares.

so do that. care. about your loved ones. it's the only currency that's left. and it's dwindling. find your twinflame, before the heat death of the universe.

av Sofia Sotz (ris och ros)


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