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in spring, i crave running through the grass

in the summer, i crave the outside environment

in autumn, i crave a thunderstorm right above me

in the wintertime, i crave the pure fresh soft clean air

in the day, i crave sleeping to block out the outside world

in the night, i listen to music forever and always at atomic blast levels like there's no tomorrow

laserdrottning, you are just a manifestation of someone i knew so many moons ago, we had one single fight, then she up and left..

somehow, somewhere, in some dimension, we are together, och jag kommer aldrig släppa din tass eller någon annans förstår du for we are all one soul tribe there are no god wars not in my world at least with great power i believe in the greys i trust them for you are a cat and the cure says in the 70s that they are all grey i saw you once and i was afraid but i will always love you you are my true one and only twin flame for real the rest are just my servants jag hoppas du förstår det nån dag everyone gets their share of the pi ALL HAIL MERKSTAVE KARMAS A SWEDISH MOTHERFUCKING VOODOO WITCH YOU MINISCULE SNITCH DONT EVER CALL ME BITCH OR ANY WORD UNDER THE SUN WORK PLAY STFU SUCCESS AIGHT ALL HAIL HECATE ALL HAIL ISIS ALL HAIL GANESHA ALL HAIL GOD IS DEAD YOU FUCKWIT

av EmmaSotz (ris och ros)

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