Crave 3

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i crave the sky in my eyes
i crave the wind in my lungs
i crave raindrops on the grass
i crave the earth beneat my feet
i crave bella
but shes nowhere to be found
bella is the wind
and she calms my earth
bella is the butterfly
and it calms my ox
bella is the cats
and it calms my dog
i love you bella
more than any words
could ever speak
so i will continue writing
until the earth is no more
until then
you are my everything
and afterwards as well
until the suns
have stopped shining
until earthquakes have
obliterated every city
until theres nothing
but water in the universe
until then
i will just love
you more and more
for each passing day
because you are everything
i hope you find
your bella out there
you lonely people
or maybe a pelle
i know i got mine
where i need it
and i need to you bella
for every grain of sand on earth
those are your riches
for every raindrop
is my tears of missing you
for every bird singing
theyre talking about us
i love you bella
i love you
jag älskar dig

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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