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youre a mousefart im the shit

youre windowcleaner im horse dewormer

youre the flu vaccine im type 0 negative

youre blümchen im velvet acid christ

youre heut ist mein tag im I HATE EVERYONE

youre one video with subversive moaning im the polar opposite of anais nin

youre 33 centilitre coke im a cubic meter of fentanyl

your blue eyes dont lie im blackened

you save it for the bedroom im sex on the beach

youre sweet and sour sauce im a smooth and spicy obelisk

youre 1908 im atlantis

youre the book of mormon im the emerald tablets

youre a sexkitten im john holmes

your latest pretend-affection is a goldhamster my greatest fan is an electro-opera goddess

your guys a porksword my girl has pancakes and cream for the whole family


hes 2.7mm im a winchester

hes 2+2=5=2/2=1+5=6=OMG SATANIC!! catholic christian numerology paranoia mines more unique than the whole pi

youre a piece of shit im THE BOMB

youre a stupid kid wishing on a dandelion im BTS at mayflower

youre his one and only i always attract

youre britney spears psychosis i have to put my hair in a handbag

youre the average BPM of a leonard cohen song im extratone

youre everbodys girl im your man

you know more about health than neil young i am divine self realization

your favorites are gimpier than the joker i like my women like my wine

hes like mcdonalds carrot-sticks shes peachy

you diet on deep-fried chicken with mustard i prefer sous vide

youre unfaithful im a sacrified 40 year old virgin

youre limited edition toilet paper im cuneiform