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hey. my ex wasnt special. shes handled losers like me before. plenty plenty plenty. you can look at the world and assume its like that. but you really should just listen to yourself. with how you think things are. not how its presented to you.

hey. miss blog isnt good for me either. but you cant choose who cares for you. shes the only one i have left.

you can choose to remove habits from your life. destructive habits.

that............... doesnt actually make anything better.

at all. on any level.

at some point, people just tire of you.

you can try to get their attention.

but........ if they dont care they dont care.

you have to give up eventually.

suicide is worse than murder.

because you cannot really know what happens when you die.

expect the unexpected.

thats all you can expect.

it has been my perceieved belief.

that if you care more about sex than being a parent............

........then you have no life meaning at all.

sex is easy. its fun.

being a parent isnt easy.

one single mistake trickles down across time.

it can happen in a moment.

and it defines you and your family.