Dance with the dragon

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i've been spat at by spiritual leaders
drank the milk of raped cows
and eaten the tortured
meat of emotional beings

i've taken away mouth-feeders
to get "that shiny wow"
and the pitchblack thing

but still
i stand here
to this day

because of the yin/yang
state-of-mind in the month of may
you give exactly what you recieve
nothing is ever left behind, you see?

don't talk
enough about
what good
others do

none of the food they finally
cooked to their starving family
but about the following
piss blood and poo

forgetting those
sweat tears and sobs
and the corrupt cops
that also once
had a pure soul
but it was butchered
by a pissy reality
that a "thug" has
seen nothing of

and they stand as a testament
to everyone dirt-poor
trying to be

when they're
just the same
as that racist djinn
but they talk behind backs
never mentioning of
all the things
that they

real persistance
of their hearts
when you truly know
what you've done wrong
and when you're in the right

it all weighs in
at the end
split evenly
between the
gold-digging lady
and the drug-dealing
but still gentle man

can you make
the right decision
in a split-second?
that's what diamond souls do
every moment of their lives
in the perspectives
of the doo-doo

can't you just
quit eating meat?
and stop trying
to convince others
that your shit don't stink?

and it can all
be gone in an instant
from a record
which proves
all internet &
IRL cowards wrong

to the leaked porno which
shows that it's tiny, your
manhoodian flaccid schlong

to the malfunctioning of a power plant
& a black hole that swallows all that permeats
like a thousand leaf chakra lotus
into an infinite-small seed

a white supremacist nazian chaos engine
is just the same as a gangsta generation-N
who lies about selling trees
and murdering people for some Gs
who knows every slang
except how to not be
publicly executed
with a lost soul
nowhere in the
world to flee

he's got you all fooled
and his made-up stories
tell the truth
until the lies are truth
and the truth become lies
and everything
about his existance
people either
worship or despise
or both - hellfirish aphorismical
apocryphical millenial-surviving lines
laced with heavenly cooked
high potency & high purity
coked-up carbon-dioxide ice
producing never-ending
transcendental smiles

and they don't know
at what time
it's right for
the bud to flower
in the final hour
when the middle passage's
true message is relayed
as the ultimate underground
fight in the verbal melee
and his name will finally
be all over the news-flashes
but no mention of its
pirate bay hashes
or the contaminant fluid
contained in a CD
vinyl casette
or tape masters
that - yes;
black lives matters

and that he no
longer got content
with sloppily throwing
around the N-word
and stops talking
creatively about
being a MF nerd

we're all part of the same humanism tree
and can still fornicate together, you see?
that's how different types of species
are defined in science to the T

we have more in common
with bonobos than
anything else
but you refuse
to call your pathetic
excuse of a life 1984:ian?

they're nanochipping
every one of your asses
and you'll take it, and obey
because a free mobile in your skin
what else is there to possess?

unless you want a free soul
the time is upon us
to live and to die
for your cause
your country
your people
your love
your art
before it's
too late
except just
about everyone
has already
sealed their fate

you think a video on insta
will make a difference?

when they have a digital
active denial system
for your protests?

those voices
in your head
"if i could just
toast nobel-prize
rhymes like bread
and recieve more insights
from the decapitated dead!"

who have no mind
to call their own
they're the real
dread magicians
not those who work
to stir the only true deal
in the potpurrinian meringues;

their autodidactic minds
the only part of your body
which escape the
death sentencing
musical true crime

morphine overdose
leave please

rest in peace
or rest in pieces
the suicide bomber
has no say
in the question

"stay safe"
isn't that what
jews told eachother
before the shower?

i hope a meteor shower
kills us all before
billie G finalizes
his one-man show
the real final hour
the true middle passage
these long gone years
is now from human
to superhuman
to desensitized
medicalized freak
to cyborg to überslave
of the green
future that's

just ask
the pope
clinton or

you can't hide
a public black eye
much longer

"yo, let's make art
depicting sell-outs!"

isn't that what
it's always
been about?

dance with the dragon
is our new theme song
of the brought down
true dawn of the
age of aquarius
21 december 2020

christian new-age
P L Z dude
get a grip

"do good"
in the end
"do only bad
sweep it under
the carpet
hide it in
the closet
(no one will
ever ever know
you know?)"
in ancient egypt
the 8:th sin
was the lie

but all those who lie not at home
but beneath their tombstones
what do they regret?
what sin can they not forget?

to rise beyond the graves
like a zombie anime rental
goreporn chicflic
that you'll always
regret having seen

and in the
director's cut
last scene
do you rise
to heaven or hell
or to a new perception
beyond the deception
of a gravitational well?

you just have no conception
of how the left leans
except in your wildest dreams
holier than political views
and so hidden away
from any emotional cues
in the daily

"oh i'm also racing
towards being swept away
by a holy knight's contraption!"

don't you hear
the true BOOs?
everyone is made
of the same god-damn
pawn material
like fast-forwarded
clay-mation to advertise
for your every-day cereal

that PhD don't mean
anything on the streets
and street smarts
don't mean nothing
when you can't lie
about it in
your uni thesis
to the real die-hard
wiser-than-thou stans

do you have any idea
how far the mind spans?
more than ten universes
it means that you
and you alone
are your

all those people
you righteously
call off and despise?

they're your
body-heat when
jerking off
and your feet
composed of ice

beyond the final hour
when you've finallzed
the one hour long passage
and a 7 nation army squad
or probably
more correct
shoot down your ass
88 times like
a post-docile
sri lankian
circus elephant
gone rampant

because that's all
that's left of your
cybernetic aura -
the dancing clown
a bad copy of
"the good ol' 00's days"
diagonally formed
eyebrow frown

saying "oh unholy prez
change thy ways!"
when you just have to
look at yourself once
and see the
real three faces
behind all them masks
you've built up
into messes
and tried to
tear down
with nu-PC aces
up your sleeve

all those
which became
crimes of passion
in your dreamtimes

don't deny that you hear
all those people
you've done wrong

beyond the final hour
when you
reach the shore
of your own middle passage

what will you say to the
people on the other side?

when shiva, muhammad
and the rest of the OGs
can't stop smiling

but they only
spout in chorus
one of us now
a divine
like shaitans bushs
columbus gates
hitlers trumps
gretas &
all good deeds"

which still
measure up
to all their
youtube feeds

we spruced up this
industry farm on
the seeds of
rock and roll
& hip hop

what will be next..
999bpm reptilecore
with thousands
of unique
intellectual flexes
now in *every*
BC SC AMZ SPTFY and beyond
blowing your speakers
and the dancefloors
on a subscription
streaming-only store?

but wait there's more!

it's already here
and there
in the IoT
AI cybersphere

by robots
for robots
with robots
can you imagine?

the artifical gene
has already tested its fate
you might be too late
the great reset's
goals will be met

planck tesla einstein hawking
who will expand our
minds and computers
to the next stage?

is it you?
or someone
you'd wished you knew?
if and only if
you were of
their intellectual
and emotional age..

or go back to
being blingy queens
and kings of the gold-age?

africa is beige
just like your
ltd ed nikes
and the white's
skin that's aged

we are all one
but look at
what we've become
and are becoming
more and more
day to day

the dragons
we are trying to slay
are the ones
we bow down to
each time we pray
with a xian 24/7/365 app
of outmost importance
when we've forgotten
that we no longer
have any substance

or things to say
in the post-digital
flagship that's
about to sway
over completely
to illegally
worse than any gold
oil or diamonds mined
spyware deluxe crypto-pay

yes, that was *all*
that the
had to say
on a wonderful
hecate shining moon
post-4/20 mourning
this south hemisphere
autumnial day

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