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1) bitchute. watched dollar vigilantes video for 5 mins, got bored. read 3/4 of the comments, which were a lot. several insightful posts about enlightenment, and an interesting video link.
2) runescape. fought demons with a 2handed runic crossbow (i just leveled to 50 yesterday), leveled up some.
3) mirage. fought dmc first with a bunch of guys, then bloat, then we lost to the ice queen.
4) nothingness. i got carpal tunnel from all that holding the attack button in mirage. but for 2 hours, i had nearly no thoughts or sensations at all.
5) cannons. that chill band. with a nice playlist. this threw me over the edge.
6) took my night meds, now the fun started :( after about an hour i had thoughts left and right, the strangest thoughts from 10-20-30 years popping up.
7) fell asleep maybe 11 o clock. dreamt lots until 9 o clock.

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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