Death relativity

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3 relatives have died since the vaccine got started. my grandma, she was 96, but fully fit and sentient (she talks more than me! omg!). they did vaccines on elderly early on. then one uncle. he died of lungcancer. which is pretty weird, since he never smoked. though, he did like drinking, but also making vegan food and meditating a lot (he was apart of the transcendental meditation movement). he taught me a lot. but, he did go to the sauna a lot. like, several times a day. and that heat isnt good on the lungs. makes sense. only, the homing snakevenom attacked his lungs. makes sense. then it was my aunt. she inherited most of my uncles money. and didnt spend a penny. and she made me and my sister inherit her. except, her ex killed her, and bribed the doctors / police / law, to make him get all the money. he fucked up though, so me and my sister still got it. its all a mess really.