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i once heard "you don't have to be deep to have an impact"

and you don't have to change the world to change the world

you don't have to change anything and you still change it

for all those people you are connected to metaphysically

in the name of love, in the name of love, in the name of love

you are your only reality and who are farthest from yourself

always always be true to your core, a white lie is a grey lie

is a black lie is dyeing your hair like everyone else to fit in

to get connections but they are all vampire entities don't you see?

you are the anima imagining you are the soul imagining you are the anima

of course we are animals but animals are the most synchronized

the more ugly face the more passionate they are when they love you

could you love a monster? could you treat an angel well?

could you love someone the way you're supposed to be treated?

will you ever realize your kama? the endless cycles of rebirths

when you watch another episode of the same shit in a new dress

do you realize why it's called tv programme? they lure you in

the first hit is always free, and every 14 minutes are free

then it's 7 minute programming your mind into more more more

while the news say the world is less less less tired of all of it

muslims are good people, i've known this for 20 years now

before i even met a muslim, before all the oil wars

all people are good people, because they are people

because they are souls, i have seen the genuine joy of a drug dealer

i have met goodhearted rapists, because justice is for everyone

i knew everything, since the dawn of time, for i am a manifestation of ganesha

looking at me, you'd never think i was of african blood, but i am

this isn't to talk about sizes, because it's the map that counts

not the treasures, but aboriginia and all her prodigies are buried within you

deep inside, deep insight, deep state, super strings, vortexes, voxels

growing up, like a tree, like you and i and me and thee, we are all we

we are the world soul, we are the world tree, we are not just what we see

but we are the sea, we are the liquid plasma magma in the earth's center

we are the fathers, we are the mothers, we are the sisters, we are the brothers

we are rhiannon and akari and kirin and all of my new family tree growing exponentially

we are numbers but numbers are not people because there can be a 2 in binary code

we are omnidataflow but you have to remember to balance the input with the output

we are metatron find a book and read it god damnit start a library in your own home

eventually after reading you'll want to write too, make a library of your own books

of your own family line of your tree and your roots and your wings and your horns

just don't be horny 24/7 but in the end it doesn't really matter because you'll find

someone that loves you and even if you don't someone loves you honey milk beer binger

you are ginger you are black you are the yellow river which heals you honey heals you

you are not black you are an opal which is part water, a rock that cries can it be

more beautiful, there is nothing more beautiful than you, than your wrinkles

than your scars, than your tatus because if your body is a temple then you need to adorn it

forget slave cotton clothe yourself with ink you only need 1 pair of skin because all of you

is buried within you and without you there is nothing so live on breathe on smoke on

because why only breathe air? that would be like only drinking water, only seeing the sun

and nothing else for we are the sun we are the daughter of kali we are the circus elephants

we are the moon which is just the sun in its anti-shape but don't think for a second you are

less or more than anyone else because it's just a poor reflection of your crystaline self

you are your mirror are your mirror rorrim rouy era rorrim ruor rea ouy

remember to enjoy but the only enjoyment is work sex feels like work but not in a good sense

find the center but you are the only thing that exists so free your mind and the rest of your

existance will follow the crowd gathering behind you talk to them talk to rocks talk to trees

talk to your pillow it loves you pansexual the only way to live embrace all all all empathy

for all nothing else matters if you get another BSOD on your oldskool windows vista comp

it's a god crashing your computer because you worked too hard too long work play stfu = success

i was a crackbaby without the realization of being one i seeked and found pain beyond pain

success with 100% failure to communicate my heart to another human being you touch souls

but no-one ever wanted to touch you to look into your eyes to feel the warmth of your body

next to them a whole night and not get frustrated when you wake up the brotherhood is easy

to join but you forgot your sisters synchronicity is the only way and i still wonder if anyone

reads this there is power in words but words can become stale i hate you for what you've done

to me but i can't hate you because you are poetry you are dance you are music you are an artpiece

nothing else matters except everything indeed does the trace amounts of fenyl-ethyl-amine

in cacao who can corrupt ixcacao's soul the goddess of goddesses who can unbreak your heart

who can remove your comfort because does your spouse really loves you or do they want something

in return and is that love or is that hate or is that your fate your kama your ego illusion

your eternal return of another cycle of rebirths of elephants lives squared into pi how can

a circle have so many edges because chakras are the only things that exist the circle of life

watch movies but don't just watch movies because the stories you write each day are way more

beautiful than even the look on your lover the last time they say goodbye and you hold it in

and you can't stop crying and you never even kissed but the love is greater than all it is

peace between islam and christianity and if that is a sin then i'll gladly burn in hell

for loving you for if love and anti-love is all that exists what is there to fear but yourself

your self your self ish ness talent is a faucet love is a black hole love is the middle passage

love is you and no one else except everyone in the omnicosmos you are a sun you are a white dwarf

you are a virgin you are a slut you are silence you are telepathic hate you are your fate which

changes is not healed because you are asian-american and nothing else you are a scientist stationed

in antarctica maybe africa's first name was Greenland who knows only you i and everyone else

christ conciousness is beautiful so is allah genuine hate genuine attraction when 2 souls become one

become 3 become 4 like gabriella tomas kirin och rhiannon inspiration is all around take a stroll down

the woods or if you have none just buy roses for yourself put a flower in your hair hear roots grow

hear air flow see your children grow in pain and in love in super string reality of a 100 symphonies

of music in all colours of the neon skyline in to--k-y'o write a haiku instead of this longwinded deal

which just sucks you deeper and deeper into my world and do you want it you can have it music is

supposed to be free and music is all that exists beauty and love is fleeting just like the wind

but the wind is always invisible and beautiful and it never stops even mars the driest of deadest

of planets has one the size of new york new york what was the song your mother sang to you when

you were in her womb? what music will people sing when they let your rest in your tomb what music

do black holes make and are supernovas the greatest radiostations known to archangels and angels

and gods and kali and ganesha and isis the heart knows no shame free sexuality free love free all

because the only constraint is you not crying because showing weakness is a sign of humanity

and none of it is left in our smartphone world except so much art is being made these days

it's just unfathomable but if you have 40 albums in your head at the same time what is there to fear

except not being perfect but that's what makes us human it is said that if you're in love truly

in love you're not aware of this fact until it's too late but you're a memory in someone's heart's

brain cells in someone's muscle memory for if all is karma then nothing is too late to fix

work on your self because music is a reflection of it and immortal technique is what IT is

one of the first words when we stopped treating gaia well and saw her as an object of our desires

and stopped understanding for the hope of understanding when we stopped giving for the sake

of collecting if things get worse because we are not made to live we are made to not die

a latina once replied with "yes, of course" to my question "should all society falter just

so i can be ok?" it was the most beautiful moment of my life but we are no more except a memory

except the final fantasy #307/10000 and who could believe that gangstas can be intellectual

that hookers are the only ones which know anything about love that tatuists respect you no matter what

because they have needled aids infested sickos they have seen it all they have seen it all

they have seen it all because what is essential is impossible to see because love is invisible

until it's too late maybe the meaning of life is being forlorn to wish to hope to dream to daydream

to create a quarter out of 50 cents i know now why death kills but love has more crimes of passion

in the heat of the eternal flame the eternal ocean the eternal reverb the eternal pheromones

but shower cleans yourself but don't think for a second you can behave unholy when you've been forgiven

for god knows all and allah is great and kali is the universe's mother for she is the universe

for she is the beginning and anti-kali is the end and we are already in the universe reversal state

reverse verse uni verse don't be perverse but if that's needed then may it pass swedish voodoo

you wish you could huh it takes time to understand to comprehend to feel empathy for your tormentor

your death angel but lucifer means the angel of light for it is all that exists everyone you meet

is a voxel a reflection of you somehow see beyond 1-bit and arrive at 32-bit floating point integers

where everything is everything is everything we see a reflection but that's all unless you can

astral project your soul out of your anima easy as 88^pi darkhalo has a song called full circle

say no more say no more say no more maybe the much coveted female orgasm is the most cherished

thing by the gods in the entire universe but transcendence is for everyone ASMR is merely your brain

relaxing of turning into music's music music one tone is all it takes sotz is worse than horrorcore

for it has no music no lyrics no beat no nothing for it is the sound of gravity for it is the most

incomprehensible of all it is the higgs bozon the space inbetween what keeps us all apart is a memory

of what could've been i think i'm gonna eat some nicotine with my lungs now pax vobiscum fred vare med er

av Emma Sotz (ris och ros)

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