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id say its more like 99%. unless youre creative, doing a muscle job, or something that requires lots of thinking - then youre not really attributing anything to the world. didya know they used demons to build most churches around the world? (free)masons with diplomatic immunity creating them is a hoax. look up the seal of solomon. all they had to do was summon loads of demons from the underworld, tell them what to do - and in no time flat - the most perfect beautiful building. so churches have always been the secret hiding places of blood suckers.

christians are the real demons of the world. they put up their fucking charade, and its so seethrough and laughable. i dont know how its in other parts of the world, but here in sweden we have the "stockholm syndrome", and the ill effects are a lot worse than officially documented. everyone flirts with you, everywhere, all the time. all they have on their brains is sex, like its their lifeforce.

my meaning of life though, is thinking things through, properly. if im going through mental pain, i let it rain over me, i dont indulge in stimulants or brain blockers to make it stop.

and when you finally have sex.. its no big deal. as a guy, youre supposed to perform, and somehow automagically "understand" how they want to be pleased. like an infinitely impossible maze. and the woman just lies there like a stranded bluewhale.

if im going through physical pain, i use natural methods to make the shit stop. most things are so easy to fix, but the average (wo)man just prefers whining like a bitch instead, and never take your advice either. its so much easier to just have another beer.

"Don't waste your time trying to fix something that is over."

i agree - people are so clueless these days, but i think its always been like this. unless there werent things like alcohol and religion, then we might have fared better. the average man is so dumb and controlled though, by foreign entities. i dont think this nanochip makes much of a difference. with smartphones and complete shitsites like twitter (would you like to browse a thousand messages per day, all with 1 word in them?!), its all gone down the shitter for a decade at least. but its just the next step in line, to make us into complete and utter zombies. and the zombie apocalypse is already upon us, but the zombies actually look like hipsters with bleached hair, loads of makeup, designer clothes, tight jeans, and an iphone of the day which matches their outfit. if you saw them on the inside though, with their incessant drinking, smoking, drug-abuse, eating disorders, and lack of original thought, youd take them for what they really are.

ok, maybe it is 80% after all, but i dont see these people around in real life. the official numbers are that only 60% are vaxxed. but this only counts if youve taken all of the shots, ie 3 or 4. so maybe, as a matter of fact, 20% of people around the world havent taken the vaccine at all, and actually have some idea whats going on. still sounds like a large number though. people are keeping quiet about it, both the resistance and the vaxx huge side-effects

i really feel for women though. evidently, the vaxx / shedding fucks them up way more. especially the part of menstruation, there was this disgusting video uploaded a few hours ago, where a woman had photod huge bloodclots that came out of her. disgusting. though, the other day, i woke up with a strange boner - it was probably filled to the brim with clotted blood.

av AK 47 Fully Automatic (ris och ros)

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