Demons vs satanists

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Demons VS Satanists


the term demon (de-man) and satan (saturn worshipper) arent related. while satanists (saturnalias) arent evil at all, demons, arent human. the illuminati are the greatest thinkers, and demons arent even sentient beings. also refered to as wendigo, vampire entities, energy parasites, thought thieves, useless eaters / consumers, social media participators (4chan / "a collection of beavis and buttheads").

can readily be seen in anything refered to as an "industry". in the aim for more power, influence, and resources. the common practice of creative expression (the strongest force in the universe), is completely annihilated.

also, many sciences are related to this. completely ignoring the spiritual aspect of existance (the first element was clear conciousness). we are left with a drab repetitive indoctrinating bullying school system, copious comedy series, sequels, "concepts", "feel good hits of the summer", "radio friendly unit shifters", and outright theft of lyrics, scene antics, names and genres ("christian rap" / euroschlager / hillsong).

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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