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remake of the original fansite. will probably not bother. deleted by yours truly. for once, because he didnt link it. for twice, because the design was horrific. bats (oh god) depicted via paranthesises? and it was not my own, as i couldnt bother divulging in livejournals code (and back then, free hosting was on sites like tinypic, which deleted/replaced the JPGs after awhile). the most complicated thing i did, were html tables. they werent that difficult to figure out, just adding the tags in an ms excel spreadsheet landed the deal. but anything beyond that, wasnt possible for me. i mostly spent my days copy-n-pasting, as darkhalo did put up a mirror of one of his old sites. i know he wont do that again. so even if i tried, i couldnt make it as good as before. if it was good. if anyone did care. i dont know if lj had stats back then. couldnt find them, anyway.

and besides, i only listen to bubblegum nonvocal liquid drum and bass these days. ive tried listening to the 2022 album. the first time, even the drums sounded soulless? i have no idea how he managed to achieve that. the one and only. later tries, i managed to the third track once. the other day, i tried again, and quickly turned it off. it just sounds like samples strung together on a string. his .XMs in particular told a story (like people say what classical music is about). they were adventures. on his only commercial EP, one track did get back to that old sound (without the terrible sampling rate). technology is advancing logarhythmically nowadays. since he made cyberpunk art in the 00s, i guess im just at too low frequency to appretiate his .MP3s.

and it was always like that before, with commercial artists. they can make however many sugary interviews they want, but the only thing theyve really improved on, is the inherent quality of the sampling of their instruments (which is merely because they can afford recording in more expensive studios). as for the creative expression? it goes down the drain.

a month ago? gabbie hannas posts starting showing up on my twitter feed. i couldnt make them go away, and i strongly oppose banning / muting people. i got furious, again, because i like discovering music by myself. i dont like it getting shoved in my face, and especially not, constantly. then she managed to say something of value, and converted me. i figured i should battle some of her trolls out of the way. but, quickly, i realized that was impossible.

just like MK ULTRA soldiers, and deep data AI, trolls are more powerful than nuclear weapons. and since music is all about vibraitions, a single flamewar, made her music not mean anything to me again. an affection, over in a single day. so i search further. and when i woke up, i figured i should write to darkhalo. he doesnt appretiate it, because i suppose i remind him of one of his sisters?

so ill just write about him. you know, like a music journalist, who doesnt want to be that? i actually applied for a job at CLOSE UP MAGAZINE. i didnt want it, and luckely, i didnt get it. and it just happened to be, i did it with a review of that EP. but since he doesnt want to sell out, that was another reason i never replied to the mag, as they did seem interested.

i guess when you make a fan dedication, the artist is supposed to increase in popularity? at least it was that before. or maybe fansites have always only been for those who really care about them, who followed them since the beginning. because they liked their style, not because theyre trying to prove anything to someone. but then again, his nickname relates to a property of black holes, and my negative sides are reminsiscent of hawking radiation. i figure it stems from the first two lines of depeche modes songs halo, on their album violator, from year 1990.

back then, it wasnt that easy to get on the internet (refered to as DARPANET). so, you could find modules (and expensive programme cracks and happy videos) by calling up a BBS. alright, darkhalo was apart of a cracking crew. ok. i said it. i figured out later, after the fansite was gone, thats the reason why he didnt link it.

its pretty easy to figure that out by yourself. just search on some old modules on youtube, and youll find several of them have a coding thumbnail, and "CRACK KEYGEN MUSIC" in the title.

alright, that didnt work. you had to add his nickname as well. the first song that shows up, is "kirbys dreamland". he doesnt make it better for himself really, by calling his official site "kirbyufo".

the first draft of the fansite, was on melloyellobelo, back in.. 2011? alright, hes not a gemini. hes obviously a libra.