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a divination from 10 years ago (and my interpretation)

1) you give 10 - through prolific lovemaking you will become the father of 10 children

2) you have 10 - in 10 years you will be dead

3) you recieve 10 - the sentence will be 10 years


1) the fifth dimension is weird. telefucking, that is, just looking at someone and thinking dirty or beautiful words, is for real. telekinetic, that is, close, and telepathically, from an infinite potential distance. i dunno anyone which talks about it. learned some about it in henrik fexeus "konsten att läsa tankar" "the art of reading minds". all you gotta do to try is close your eyes and think about someone and think of having sex with them. telepathy is that easy. doesnt have to be sex. just talk to them. think things. and after awhile they answer. its not just god. its anyone. ive almost never talked about this. this accounts for "virgin birth". i know at least ive impregnated in the fifth dimension or fourth özen, bella, tessan, julia, erika, margaretha, xhyljeta, some seducive elderly finnish woman and then my memory goes blank. 10? wow.

2) it was close. first i took 5gr cocaine on my birthday. sofia came to life, tomas died. now its down to earth emma instead. then again with my second suicide attempt. its better now, even if i cant move my legs. it would be good to train my arms so i could lift myself to a wheelchair. but i can lift 6kg, not 60kg, per arm. i need a better place to live than at this elderly housing. ho hum.

3) this i survived as well. as a friend said "good beginners try". the attacking attorney said "tända på" ("turn light on", but also "get turned on", put aflame) over and over. i never got what she meant by it. im not a junkie, im an ox, and theyre down to earth. she wanted to elicit a response, either horny or angry. but none was seen by me.

av Bellas Blomma (ris och ros)

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