Does a smartphones heart break when you drop it

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Does a smartphones heart break when you drop it


my heart
whimpered no
i didn't listen

you asked tenderly
to heal me from
all pain and agony
my heart said no

you said yippie honeymoon
it lasted half a week
then your heart couldn't
go on beating for me anymore

you said
do you want
to take xtc

bella said no
i listened

you said
do you want
to take xtc

i said no
you listened

you said i want to
i said no

we all
wanted to
but every
one of us

i said i have never been
unfaithful to you bella
you didn't listen

listen to
your heart
whoever whatever
wherever it is

longing is forlornitude
and mending the pieces
of your selves with gold
until only gold remains

stone hearts are
the most broken ones

but even the lithium batteries
in our old phone
cry if you leave them
in the dark too long

so the next time
you're mad
at someone
take your
out on them
not your phone

if the eyes are the window to your soul
then it's jampacked with scars
which take an eternity of
eternities to heal

so listen to your heart
wherever whoever whatever it is

one day it might be too late

everyone laughed at cybergoths before
but what PC losers are running around
horrified with masks these days

six feet under
six feet apart
ring any bells

quit it before you're indonesia
quit it before you're venezuela

your heart says something
but you know
in an instance
if it's right or wrong

your amygdala gives you choices

let your wisdom decide

in the end

it's all that matters

head heart muscle memory

heal all your chakras

or use your hate for something useful

revolutionize your existance

nothing else

work hard

achieve your spiritual goals

appease hecate

in 3 billion years
she'll say thankyou

av Rhiannon Kirin (ris och ros)

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