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Spirituality is interconnected with Aliens. There are a variety of aliens just like there are a multitude of planets. And Thousands of Galaxies Just like that, our human body is all interconnected with our heart. As also all infinity is interconnected with our Lord God. And Jesus already spoke over 2000 years ago. There are several homes in my Father's house The aliens arrived here in times immemorial. The Anunnakis perfected the human race, they came from planet Nibiru, after our gold for with their technology, they needed the gold to rebuild the protective layer of their planet and brought in lower caste workers to do the heavy labor, this lower race after many exploited rebelled, so Anunnakis scientists refined the DNA of humanoids, and enslaved them in mining. But scientists began to mix human DNA with animals, where several species of bizarre creatures appeared, Minotaur, Medusa, Centaur, etc... Enlil and Enkil the Anunnakis brothers also had sex with human women, where the Nephilins originated. ( The Giants ) Then came the Dragons ( Daimons) Aka Satan, Satan, Belzebu etc... and together, with the already dominated enemies Spectros. These were the worst breeds to come. But there have also been thousands of other aliens, Arcturians, Orians, Reptilians, an infinity of Aliens and even mixed with humans and today we find ourselves in this mix of races, a humanity with a lot of peace and love, and also with a lot of war, hatred and greed. This is who we are Put together and mingled.

dinosaur and dragon mean the same thing. in egyptian documentation, many different dragon species are depicted, but its mostly censored in popular science. and dragons were the first species (except maybe toxoplasmos) in the universe. they can breathe in ether, in outer space.

but the first species surviving to this day, after the big bang, which wasnt that, but a giant flood (vortex theory), was octopus, dolphins and bluewhales. ancient zodiacs speak of them, together with eagle (what now is called scorpion) and giraffe (capricorn).

av Tsofmia Neptlith (ris och ros)

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