Dream genres in music

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  1. dreampop (regina lund / dreamlake - shy / tomas ledin - del av mitt hjärta efter midnatt akustisk version)
  2. dreamjazz ("cool jazz" aka sade)
  3. dreamhouse
  4. dreamelectro (idamo - elvis)
  5. dreamsotz (steve roach - grotto of time lost)
  6. dreamstep (au5 - blossom)
  7. dreamodule (darkhalo - fantasywind & time)
  8. dreambass ("artcore" intelligent / [deep progressive] liquid DnB)
  9. dreamcore ("euphoric speedcore")

these arent wellknown, even today. because these gems in different music styles, are, well, holy. the whole point in keeping them secret, is that, if they got popularized, they would disappear, be corrupted. you might find any artists divulgions of these on their early b-sides. they might cost a lot, or youll find them for 1$ at a badly sorted second hand store.