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du sa det du sa det omöjliga av omöjligas ord du sa planck konstant C* hecate 133333 oscillations per second c 6 0 j a v e h . c . q u e e r b ö g j ä v l a there is no limit to how large a universe a black hole can contain in nothingness beyond nothingness let there be meow and there were 3 meows i am from croatia and i am a soldier i am a soldier i am a soldier "tL/R i want U2 listN 2IopN" hi gabbie youre from neptune youre from lilith and unfortunately youre my queen u r plutonium ur not just titanium no ur plutonium -M-E-R-G-E- u r the atomic war in what is now sahara africa "the place of sand" plasma damage


it is true we are falling stars and we keep falling in love with u r whole being is beauti full of kalashnikov