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"all those who are incapable of getting educated, have taken up educating" - oscar wilde

people that educate at university, have not been educating in educating. this is good. except for one of them, who used to educate uneducatables. for some reason, she felt the need to educate us about "mama mango" and "papa papaya". our main educator, had worked in the restaurant business plenty. so he just wanted to educate us, about what he had educated himself about. oh, i was being educated in gastronomy.

the only good educators i had in grade educations, were

1) someone who had no education in educating whatsoever, and just needed to educate temporarily, to fund her own education

2) someone who was newly educated in educating. the longer an educator educates, the more they hate their job, and the less effort they spend on being able to educate the educatees.

thus, we have the modern grade education. the gangsta kids had figured out their modus operandi. so they all didnt give a shit about being educated, except the last half year in 9th grade. they got a good education. says their grades.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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