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Embrace, extend, extinguish


we have royalty in sweden as well. didnt stop us from having 70 years of social democrat rule in the 1900s. and i dont agree that the government is a reflection of the people. just a few "investors" / oil refineries / global companies, can set up shop in your country, and suck it dry.

then a resistance movement starts. the western world wait awhile, then they fund them. they almost free the country, but then the western world also funds the government. a lot of people die. there is peace. but the country is left in shambles. then the western world buys up the country, the stocks / gold / banks, its politicians, and replace the royalty.

just look at bill gates genocide in india and africa. the ones with money have the power, and power gives influence over the media. they can do whatever they want. they wont be assassinated and turned into martys either. bill gates, got pies thrown on him.

hey, in sweden, you can tell how rich someone is, by their full name. the harder it is to pronounce / remember, the richer they are. svensson? poor. sihlfverstjaerna? (followed by a plethora of other last names, middle names and first names). rich as hell.

av iamthealphaandtheomega (ris och ros)

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